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Trainz A New Era Routes

10/27/14 Hey guys, I'd like to announce our new partnership with Northeast Trainz Content. Please check them out in the sites and partners tab. Also, a few quick reminders, we do have a facebook. It's been a while. I have been gone for a while now, and now IM BACK!! Better than ever. Over year i've been gone I improved my 3D modeling abilities. Creating quality games, by gamers, for gamers! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Trainz Forge Weebly

  • Solution

    Greatly reduce the cost of jewelry production

    3D Printing Channel Letter Solution

    Innovative channel letter making way.


    The five-in-one solution covers the whole industrial chain of dentistry

  • Professional
    WaxJet400 Series
    Hunter series
    Creator 3 series
    AD1 series
  • Consumer
    Guider Ⅱ series
    Adventurer series
    Inventor series
    Creator Pro series
    Dreamer series
    Finder series
  • Material
    FFF Filament
  • Software

    FlashAd does not only realize letter shell typeface design converted into files that can be recognized by the printer, but also has the function of the direct control of the printer.


    DLP/LCD technology slicing software


    3D printing slicing software

    3D TADA

    Entry-level 3D modeling software Directly associated with Minecraft Adventures in odyssey a maze of mysteries.

    Happy 3D

    Experiential 3D modeling software(Free)

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