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  • Microsoft Windows 95 BackupThe Backup Update slightly improves performance of the earlier released version of MicrosoftWindows95 backup ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 ExchangeExchange Update contains a complete update for the Exchange components that shipped with MicrosoftWindows95. Improve startup time and shared folder access, with updated Internet mail ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: File Access URL VulnerThis update eliminates the 'File Access URL' vulnerability in Microsoft Windows™ 95. Installing this update will prevent a malicious web site or e-mail message from exploiting that vulnerability to cause your computer to crash or run arbitrary ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: Legacy Credential CachThis update eliminates the 'Legacy Credential Caching' vulnerability in Microsoft Windows™ 95. Installing this update will prevent a malicious user from acquiring your network password.For more information on this vulnerability, please visit ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: Euro Currency SupportThis update adds euro currency symbol support to the Microsoft™ Windows™ 95 operating system. Files will be automatically updated to enable enhanced display font support for the euro symbol, keyboard and printing support, as well as the ability ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: Malformed RTF ControlInstalling this update will eliminate the 'Malformed RTF Control Word' security vulnerability. This vulnerability resides in the Rich Text Format (RTF) reader that ships as part of Microsoft™ Windows95. Under certain conditions, the vulnerability ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: OEM SR2 Plug and PlayMicrosoftWindows95 OEM SR2 and above Update for Proper Plug and Play Operation with Multifunction CardBus Cards addresses the following problems in Windows95 OEM SR2: Q168909 -- Query/Remove Support for CardBus Cards Hangs Computer Q172652 -- ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: Windows Socket v.2This is a Windows Socket 2 Update for Microsoft™ Windows™ 95. This update resolves a number of Winsock2 issues. This update also resolves a number of TCP/IP stack issues. Please read the release notes for a detailed list of all changes.This ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: Spoofed Route PointerThis update eliminates two security vulnerabilities:The 'Spoofed Route Pointer' vulnerability. This vulnerability could allow a malicious user to obtain network or other information by performing source routing via your Windows95 computer, even if ..
  • Windows 95 The new Windows operating system with the internal version 4.0 is the successor of Windows 3.11 and brings a completely new design of the interface and of the kernel with it. 32-bit applications are supported fully, DOS applications can also virtually be used now in a DOS box, furthermore 16-bits of programs are supported.
  • Windows 95 (Windows), free and safe download. Windows 95 latest version: Step Back Into The Mid-90s With A Popular OS Wrapped Up. Windows 95 is the working name for an Electron version of Windows 95, Microsoft's hit operating s.
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: Infrared Data AssociaMicrosoft has added support for Infrared Data Association (IrDA) connectivity to Windows95. The latest release of the Infrared (IR) Communications Driver for Windows95 is version 2.0.Infrared (IR) communications, based on technology similar to that ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: Corporate UpdateThe Corporate Update is a companion package for the Windows95 Year 2000 Update provided in response to corporate customer feedback regarding the Windows95 Year 2000 Update. The Corporate Update package addresses deployment and maintenance issues, ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: High Encryption Config UpdateThis update resolves the 'High Encryption Configuration Prevents Outlook Express Replies' issue in some Windows95 computers. A computer is only vulnerable if it is configured with 128-bit encryption and the Input Locale is set to French. If a ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: IP Fragment ReassemblyThis update resolves the 'IP Fragment Reassembly' security vulnerability in Windows95. Installing this update will minimize the negative effects that fragmented Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams could have on your computers central processing unit ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: Malformed Telnet Argum UpdateThis update eliminates a vulnerability in the Telnet client that ships as part of Windows™ 95. The vulnerability could allow a web page to take malicious action on the computer of the user who visited the page. For example, this web page could ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Patch: Windows Share Level Pa UpdateThis update resolves the 'Windows Share Level Password' vulnerability in Windows95. If a computer that is linked to a network has File and Print Sharing enabled, and has at least one password-protected folder shared, it may be possible for a user on ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: Dial up networking v.1.The Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Performance & Security Upgrade (DUN 1.3) provides additional features for Windows95 Dial-Up Networking that improve the performance, reliability and security of Windows based communications. These new features enhance both ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: Winsock/DNS Upgrade fWinsock/DNS Upgrade 1.2 for PPTP allows your computer to use Point-to-Point Tunneling protocol (PPTP). PPTP enables your computer to simultaneously connect to the Internet and to a remote network. The upgrade supports PPTP by enabling Windows95 to ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 ClientThe Prompted Update Download makes it easy for administrators to update computers that are running Windows95 locally rather than from a ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 OLEThe OLE Update improves Windows95 OLE2 in the areas of document integrity and privacy, consistent behavior with respect to local and network file systems and system stability when using 16-bit ODBC ..
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Service Pack v.1Windows95 Service Pack 1 includes an update, system administration tools, additional components, and drivers for Windows ..

Windows 95 was a GUI based operating system which was released by Microsoft in 1995. Videossonic edge of darkness. It was released as a part of the 9x series of the Windows operating system. I have included the Royal, Zune and Windows Embedded Themes for Windows XP. Disclaimer: These files are available for personal use only, on the consensus that these are abandon ware. I am not the author of these files, and am solely making these available for Educational Use ONLY. Supported Operating Systems Windows 95. A 20 year old OS on a brand new OS.Links:VMWare Workstation Player (get free version):

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  • Microsoft Windows 98 Update: PC Speaker Speak.exe contains a Microsoft Windows sound driver that
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.6965 is
  • Microsoft Windows Installer OverviewThe Microsoft® Windows® Installer (MSI) is the
  • Microsoft Windows Defender This enhanced protection improves Internet browsing safety
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Exchange Exchange Update contains a complete update for the Exchange
  • UCertify 70-631 MCTS: Microsoft Windows PrepKit 70-631, MCTS: Microsoft Windows SharePoint
  • ERS 9x - Emergency Recovery System for ERS 9x - Emergency Recovery System for Windows 95/98/Me
  • Microsoft Windows XP Backup Software Our advance Microsoft Windows XP Backup software to
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Update: File Access URL This update eliminates the 'File Access URL' vulnerability
  • Microsoft Windows 95 Update: OEM SR2 Plug and Microsoft Windows 95 OEM SR2 and above Update for

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