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Download VLC Media Player (32-bit) for Windows to play audio and video files in real-time and streaming modes. VLC Media Player (32-bit) has had 1 update within the past 6 months. At the download page mentioned above, there are three file types which can be used to install VLC Media Player in your Windows Machine: An Exe Installer Package: A direct installing.exe file. Download this file, open it and the installation process begins. 8/10 (124 votes) - Download VLC Media Player Portable Free. VLC Media Player Portable is the version of the best multimedia player for PC that you can now carry around on a USB stick and use it on any computer. VLC media player 3.0.12 Free download New and latest version for Windows. This is a standalone offline installer standalone setup VLC media player 3.0.12 free download for compatible version of Windows. The program was checked and installed manually by our employees before it was uploaded, it is a fully functional version without any problems.

For instance, a Windows system will come preloaded with a Windows Media Player, and unless users download VLC or any other media player, they will continue using the pre-loaded program. Also, VLC supports a vast number of formats, and there are hardly any codec errors, while other players like Windows or Quicktime, may have a restricted number.

MilkDrop is the king in Winamp, with tens of thousands Winamp MildDrop presets available, but you can enjoy many of these great visualizations on VLC too.

Vlc Software For Windows 7

You can download from this page 1197 free MilkDrop, or ProjectM as is called on VLC, presets to visualize your audio files.

Vlc Player Download Windows Xp

To use them, go to the VLC folder (normally at Program FilesVideoLANVLC) and create a new folder with the name Visualizations. Inside Visualizations create another folder with the name MilkdropPresets. In MilkdropPresets just paste all the presets you will download from this page.


Open VLC and go to Preferences. At the bottom left corner (Show settings) check the “All” option to open the Advanced Settings. Then go to Audio > Visualizations > ProjectM. At the right side, in the “ProjectM preset path” paste the address of the folder you just created for the presets. Unfortunately VLC won’t let you choose individual plugins, to avoid the ones you don’t like you have to remove them from the folder!

You may like also to change video width and height to a size you like better than the default. Save your changes and restart VLC to enjoy MilkDrop visualizations with your music.



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One of the best video players in the world
The interface of VLC Media Player isn't that attractive, but it's considered one of the most powerful media players where it runs and handles corrupted media files professionally.

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  • 3.0.11
  • 2020-06-16
  • 11.4K
  • Free
  • 39.9MB
  • Windows XP +
  • Multimedia Software/ Media Players

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Old versions VLC Media Player (64-bit)

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Vlc Free Download Windows 7

Free Vlc Download Windows Xpnewinnovations

VLC Media Player (32-bit)


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Free Vlc Download Windows Xpnewinnovations
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