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Pc does not recognize tomtom one 3rd edition gps device I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and it isn't recognizing my TomTom One 3rd Edition GPS. How do I get to recognize it, I have tried all the forums at TomTom and have done all they have said to do. Manuals and User Guides for TomTom ONE 3rd Edition. We have 1 TomTom ONE 3rd Edition manual available for free PDF download. Sounds and Voices. July 2019 edited July 2019 in GO x00-x50 series / ONE / START / EASE / XL & XXL (TomTom HOME) I have the same the problem as @ProfH, using TomTom ONE 3rd Edition. It is an old device and I have never updated before Apri.


It can be hard to match the bang for your buck you get with the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition. Even on this entry level model you get TomTom’s MapShare feature– one of the biggest innovations in GPS technologies recently. Find an error on the map? Correct or report it though MapShare and download changes from other users. Thinking you might want to connect a live traffic reporting receiver someday? An optional accessory is available to add live traffic information.

The small size and small cost might make you think about carrying this GPS along while walking in a city– but be careful as the battery life isn’t quite as good as other models in this class and there is no “hold” switch to prevent accidental touch screen input, both features found on the similar Garmin Nuvi 200. The weeknd ordinary life free download. Still, with MapShare, a ‘Help Me!’ menu, and maps of the USA & Canada, the ONE 3rd Edition is a great pick for a first auto GPS.

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Free Tomtom One 3rd Edition Voices Movie
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Hi - I have read a post by tendawolf about how to re-install the TomTom application to a previous version. I'm working on a new pc so I don't have the previous version - I've downloaded version 7.9 and installed it to the following path:
My DocumentsTomTomHOMEDownloadprogramsTomTom_Application_for_ONE_3RD_Edition
I unzipped the installation zip file to this directory. However when I use the HOME software to install from my computer it cannot find anything to install. Is there a sub-directory I need to put below this path? Or is the version the problem? I have been unable to find 7.166 which I believe is the most recent version 7 for this edition.
Help would be appreciated. Thanks - I'm trying to get Itinerary Planning working before the weekend.

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  • The application is not installed on the computer, it's installed on the unit itself.
    I'm unclear what you want. Do you wish the latest application for the unit? If so, just connect the unit to Home 2 and select 'update my unit'. If there is a newer application than the one installed already, it should offer the newer application that should be installed directly on the unit.
    Then disconnect the unit properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon on Home's screen.
    If you want an older application, what precise version do you want and WHY do you want it?
    If your model IS a UK One 3rd edition, it doesn't do Itinerary Planning.
    Go to this link: number/sno/1
    and enter your first 2 characters of your serial number -- found on the bottom of the unit -- into the space provided to see what model tom tom 'thinks' you have.
  • Hi dnh - thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Sorry, I should have included a link to the original post.;highlight=
    I am following the instructions here to modify the menu to bring back the itiniary planning menu as described. However because the device has version 8 installed it hangs and reboots when we try to run it. I have tried to download the previous version of the TomTom NAV application (ie version 7) and manually install it as suggested, but the Home software cannot find the program to install it.
    I just want to know a) where can I get version 7.166 and b) what is the FULL directory path on the pc that will ensure that the Home software can find it.
  • 1. Make an Explorer, NOT Home, backup of your unit's contents.
    2. Go here:
    and the 9th link is 7.166. Save it to your desktop or a temp folder on your COMPUTER.
    3. Understand this: When Home 2 provides an application, it goes looking for it on ITS server, downloads it to your computer and stores the compressed file here:
    C:Documents and Settings(yourname)My DocumentsTomTomHOMEDownloadscompleteprogram.
    It then automatically extracts the contents to the unit using Home.
    Well, what you are going to do is DIFFERENT
    You are going to use WinRar to extract the contents of the 7.166 cab file from the location you saved it directly to the connected unit. (Home is NOT involved). Then, if you wish, you can copy the compressed file from your saved location to the folder I listed above (the program folder at the end of the path)
  • thanks dns - that has worked a treat! All set to go now. Just need to find out which file in my backup holds all my previous favourites (in an ideal world) and life is perfect.
    Many thanks
  • The favourites will be in the mapsettings.cfg file found in the specific map folder on your backup.
    Copy that to the specific map folder on the unit and they'll be restored.
    Many people convert their favourites to a custom ov2 file that can be copied from map update to map update.
    See how in this link:

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