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High quality Backgrounds, Patterns and Textures. All vector, AI, PDF and JPG. Download free for commercial use. Available in different colors, A3 size.

Background is solid color or image, positioned behind the document context. PDF allows to use only single background per page. For each document page you can set unique background.
For background you can choose an image from file, set color and position on the page, specify number of the pages where the background will be displayed and save parameters for further use.

Add background, with an open document.

List of text editors for mac shortcut. Free PSD cartoon backgrounds are all you need to make your projects more fun and appealing. Today, we present you a collection of 15 extra artistic free PSD cartoon backgrounds which can be fitted into all kinds of projects! Coming in well-layered Photoshop files, these free PSD cartoon backgrounds are easily editable. The free booklet, gallery, calendar theme package with background designed are made in the standard.ZIP format. Most modern operating systems should allow you to open the zip package without installing any special software, just with WinZip, 7-Zip or some other zip tool installed. Don't forget to check out the license page.

  • To add background to PDF, use Document -> Background -> Add menu item.
  • Saved settings List of saved background templates.
    To add a template, set required parameters and press Save. Specify template name in a pop up window.
    To remove a template, choose it in the list of saved fields and press Delete.
  • Source Choose type of inserted background. It can be an image from PDF file or a solid color.
    Color If chosen, document background will be a solid color fill. Choose the color from the list.
  • File If chosen, an image loaded from the PDF file will be used as background.
    Browse — Choose source PDF file for background.
    Page number — Number of the page in the source file to be used as background image. (Pages count of the source file will be displayed in Total pages)
    Zoom — Scale of the background to source image from PDF file. To make this option active, remove Appearance > Scale relative to target page mark.
  • Appearance Appearance settings of the inserted image.
    Rotation — Rotation value (in degrees) relative to the document page.
    Opacity — Opacity value (in percents).
    Scale relative to target page — Background scale relatively to the page it will be inserted on.
  • Position Set background position on the document page.
    Vertical Distance — Value for vertical background offset relative to selected position: Top, Center or Bottom.
    Horizontal Distance — Value for horizontal background offset relative to selected position: Top, Center or Bottom.
    Units — Measurement units to specify offset distance.
  • Pages Rang Options number of pages to add background.

Remove a background from all pages.

  • To remove background in PDF document, navigate the menu to Document > Background > Delete. Background on all pages will be removed
Free pdf backgrounds

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