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Foxit reader new version free download

Oct 23, 2020 Foxit Reader is a software specially designed to work with PDF documents, similar in capabilities to Adobe Reader, but with the advantage of taking up less disk space and using less RAM. It is very fast, opens documents almost instantly and allows you to navigate through all of its pages with total fluidity. The Foxit Reader free online edition allows you to work with text layers, adjust pictures, combine and split documents, and more. As the online program shares a lot of functions found in the desktop edition, it should be more than enough if your needs are strictly personal. Discover how you can download Acrobat Pro DC for free. Foxit Reader allows you to view, annotate, form fill, and sign PDF. Foxit Reader Mobile For iOS. A free app to view and annotate PDF documents on iPhones and iPads. Foxit Reader Mobile. Standardized conversion of documents to PDF and PDF/A. Request Trial Version.

Foxit Reader is a free, lightweight utility program that lets you read and create PDF files.

Foxit has been gaining market share quickly, and no wonder – it’s a full-featured, fast, and versatile PDF reader. If you’ve worked with PDF files before, you’ve probably used Adobe’s Acrobat reader at some point. Acrobat is a heavy-duty program that takes up a lot of your computer’s resources, and it can take a long time to open even a simple PDF file. Foxit Reader, on the other hand, is a lightweight tool that can open your files quickly without slowing the rest of your computer down, and it takes up a fraction of the hard disk space used by other PDF utilities.

With a streamlined interface and well-organized shortcuts, Foxit is fast and easy to get started with. Basic functions, such as zooming the view, searching text, adding comments, and highlighting text are easy to find in the menus. Quick links are included that let you share documents by email, Facebook, or to your Evernote account. Foxit also integrates with Microsoft SharePoint document libraries and supports digital document signatures (through both PDF sign and DocuSign), making it a great choice for work as well as home use.

PDF creation is also easy with Foxit. You can create PDFs directly from Microsoft Office files, and can scan and convert documents into PDF files in a single step. Any PDFs created in Foxit are fully compatible with other readers, so you can be confident that the files you send out can be opened by anyone.

For such a lightweight program, Foxit also allows for a surprising amount of customization. You can customize the content and layout of the toolbar, change the color scheme, and even add plug-ins for additional functionality.

There are a few, uncommon types of PDF file that Foxit is not able to open, such as the more advanced Adobe-generated files with embedded code. These types of files are rare, however, and not something most users will run into. Even these limitations are likely to go away with time, since Foxit is an actively supported program that receives regular updates.

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Foxit Reader Free Version
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Create PDFs from Microsoft Office files, or by scanning documents
  • Allows you to digitally sign documents
  • PDFs created in Foxit are fully compatible with other PDF readers

Download Foxit Reader Free Version

Foxit reader download windows 10 64 bit


Download Foxit Reader Version 9


Foxit Phantompdf Business

  • Doesn’t allow you to edit PDF files
  • Some rare PDF file formats may not open properly