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Find photoshop elements serial number free
  • Dec 29, 2020 Can't find my Serial Number I bought the 'Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020' box and recently got a new computer but it doesn't have a disk drive. I don't find that a problem, oh well, but when I go into my Adobe program, it tells me to enter my serial number but I've entered every number I can find and none of them are 24 characters.
  • Locate the serial number. The serial number is located at the bottom of the DVD sleeve. For more information on finding the serial number, see Find the serial number of your Elements products. If you have a redemption code, convert the redemption code to a serial number.

Can't find my Serial Number I bought the 'Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020' box and recently got a new computer but it doesn't have a disk drive. I don't find that a problem, oh well, but when I go into my Adobe program, it tells me to enter my serial number but I've entered every number I can find and none of them are 24 characters. Find the serial number of your Elements product on the Windows disc sleeve. The serial number is a 24-digit numeric code. Redemption Code. Find your redemption code on an insert card inside the box. The redemption code is a 22-digit alphanumeric code. For detailed instructions, see Redemption code help. An email from a reseller.

The serial number for Adobe is available

This release was created for you, eager to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 full and without limitations.Our intentions are not to harm Adobe software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any pieceof software out there. This should be your intention too, as a user, to fully evaluate Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 withoutrestrictions and then decide.

SerialFind Photoshop Elements Serial Number

Adobe Elements 12 Serial Number

If you are keeping the software and want to use it longer than its trial time, we strongly encourage you purchasing the license keyfrom Adobe official website. Our releases are to prove that we can! Nothing can stop us, we keep fighting for freedomdespite all the difficulties we face each day.

Find Photoshop Elements Serial Number

Last but not less important is your own contribution to our cause. You should consider to submit your ownserial numbers or share other files with the community just as someone else helped you with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 serial number.Sharing is caring and that is the only way to keep our scene, our community alive.

I purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 from Amazon, received the box, but cannot find a serial code.
There was no insert in the box, it's not on the DVD sleeve, and the Adobe sticker on the back of the box was covered by another barcode sticker. When I tried to carefully remove the top sticker it tore the lower one and now I cannot read that either. What do I do?

Find Photoshop Elements Serial Number

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  • Serial number on Photoshop Elements 13 box has 18 digits, but serial number screen displayed when initializing from CD wants 24 digits. Putting in 18 is not enough to be able to move to next step. What do I do?

    Whatever number you are trying to use is not a serial number. The serial number is normally found on whatever box/case the disc is in, not the outer packaging (otherwise anyone could use it). What you are looking at might be a redemption code, which is what you use to acquire a serial number.
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  • Hi! I need help to find the serial number for Photoshop Elements 11 I downloaded last year on Apple Application Store. I have been using photoshop on mac for over a year and now need the serial number to be able to use it on macbook. I looked up Adobe's website for help but found none and noone to ask for support. Any ideas how I can get the serial number using the App Sore bill I have?

    Please post Photoshop Elements related queries over at

  • Can't find my serial number for Photoshop Elements 9 which I purchased in a bindl with Premiere Elements two years ago. Now, after reinstalling Windows on my desktop I need to register my Adobe products again. They were bought by Internet. No disks or boxes. In My Adobe account there is the serial number for Premiere Elements and nothing about Photoshop Elements. How can I get my purchase again?

    please contact adobe support they will help you uct-or-serial-number-issues

  • finding my serial number for photoshop elements 10

    Is this a new purchase or an older purchase that is being re-installed? Where did you buy the program? Did you buy a download or DVD?

  • cannot find serial number but have a redemption code...need this to activate/install photoshop 11

    Vlc media player by janiall softwares

    To locate the serial number:

  • Trying to install Photoshop elements 13 on pc w/ WIN 8.1.
    cannot find serial number on box nor cd sleeve. start guide says it begins with 1057 but neither the box nor the DVD has such a number I can't install it without that serial numebr where do I find it??

    You likely have a redemption code on the box that you have to enter into an Adobe website to convert that into a serial number.
    See the information on the following page:

  • Hello, I lost the serial number of Photoshop Elements 6 and I lost the box. How can I do thanks for the help.

    Did you ever install and register it? If so, you can find the serial number by going to the main page of and looking for My Adobe (it was up by the search box on the upper right the last time I looked, but it moves around). Work through the links there and you can retrieve it from adobe's records. You might want to consider writing it on the disc itself for future reference.

  • My keyboard isn't working. Locked out of computer. Cannot find serial number so I may contact support

    Click here and follow the instructions.

  • how can i retrieve my serial number for photoshop element 12
    Let me know if this works.

  • Please tell me how I deactivate my serial number on Photoshop Elements 8? I went to uninstall the program from Windows Control Panel, and the wizard prompted me to 'deactivate my serial number' by selecting it from the Help menu. However, after I exited the uninstaller and opened up PE8 there appears to be no selection for 'deactivating' from the help menu.

    First of all, just to be sure . . . are you trying to deactivate via PSE8 Editor or PSE8 Organizer? Make sure that you are going to the Help menu in Editor because Organizer will not offer the deactivation option.
    If you are not seeing the deactivation option in the Help menu in Editor there may be some corruption in the activation information stored on your computer. Your best bet would be to initiate a chat with Adobe: Contact Customer Care

  • Where do I find the ser# for my PSE9

    Here are various explanations of how/where to locate the serial number:

  • Can someone help? I am trying to install my purchased (but not registered) version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, but I lost the serial number. Can I get a new number from Adobe. I can not find it on the registry of my old computer, because the old one no longer has internet access. When I try to look up the number, it gives me 20 numbers instead of 24. Very frustrating. Thanks for any help.

    Perhaps some of the suggestions here will work:

  • Where is my serisl number for photoshop elements 12 I just bought?

    Gomarkc please see Find your serial number quickly - for information on how to locate your serial number.

  • I purchased Photoshop Elements 10 from Best Buy last night. I am trying to access the serial number to activate it, but the site that the label tells you to go to and enter your redemption code is not working. Anyone know how to help?

    Either wait a while and try the site again, or contact Adobe:
    Since it's the long holiday weekend, you might have to wait until Tuesday for Adobe support to be available.
    You should be able to use PSE10 as a trial version until you get a serial number.

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