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Final Fantasy is a science-fiction and fantasy series of role playing video games that has been modified over the years and has adopted newer gaming technologies in the later versions. One feature of the series of videogames that stands out is the sound track of the games. No wonder, that the music of the Final Fantasy series is considered one of the best pieces of orchestration and innovation of its time.


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Hence, this online website is completely dedicated to the music of the Final Fantasy Game series. A couple of the posts are dedicated to the nuances of the music to provide light background music and music that is unique to each character. Have a read!

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Certain pieces of the soundtrack are often repeated. This web page describes various themes, such as the prelude, the victory, or the theme music for the mascots of the game. Interesting trivia about the music of the game is also included in the website.

Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for the PlayStation version of the games, Final Fantasy Origins. The soundtrack contains versions of the original game music arranged to take advantage of the PlayStation's sound hardware. It spans 65 tracks on two discs and covers a duration of 1:42:30. The game's music is a mix of the rock and orchestral genres. It is one of Takeharu Ishimoto 's notable works and includes various versions of famous Final Fantasy VII songs composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It also includes a few tracks provided by Kazuhiko Toyama. The music of the video game Final Fantasy IV was composed by regular series composer Nobuo Uematsu.The Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version, a compilation of almost all of the music in the game, was released by Square Co./NTT Publishing, and subsequently re-released by NTT Publishing.It was released in North America by Tokyopop as Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack: Music from Final.

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The composer of the music for the series was Nobuo Uematsu, who incidentally started composing music for the game. The unprecedented success of the game’s music made him continue composing the music for the next nine games after which other composers joined. The web pages detail the journey of the composer and the circumstances that made him create the music for the games.

The Fantasy Theme

The fantasy theme is shrouded in mystery and is set in an imaginary universe with magical elements that serve to create interest in the minds of people. Numerous entertainment genres, such as casinos like LeoVegas, movies, and music have cashed in on the popularity of the fantasy theme. The theme has been included in numerous casino slot games adding a touch of suspense to the otherwise regular game. The fantasy theme music adds an aura of fantasy and mystery to the game. Numerous movies have been made using fantasy and magic as their main themes.

This website gives comprehensive and significant information about the soundtrack of the Final Fantasy game, which has become a very famous franchise and it has managed to sustain the interest of the masses transcending time.

Throughoutits three decades of existence, one of the many things that the Final Fantasyseries has become renowned for is its scores. Each game has been accompanied bya soundtrack masterfully crafted by Square's composers, chief amongst themNobuo Uematsu, who was solely responsible for almost every one of them beforehis 2004 decision to depart the company and become a freelancer.

Tracksfrom the games are regularly performed in concert by orchestras around theworld, whilst several have soared into Classic FM's prestigious Hall Of Fame,deservedly ranking amongst classics by the likes of Bach, Brahms and Beethoven.

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Throughthe course of this article, each game's soundtrack is ranked in turn. Thecriteria for inclusion has been as follows:

Adobe acrobat pro for the mac dvd ripper. · Eachnumbered single player entry from the series (including direct sequels) hasbeen individually included.

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· Onlinetitles have been included as a single entry each (so each is judged on thesoundtrack of both its main game and its expansions together).

· Spin-offshave either been individually included, grouped together when part of acollection or omitted entirely to avoid cluttering the list (such as mobiletitles that received their own soundtracks or the Crystal Chronicles series).