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XBOX ONE: Black, Russian combat armor retexture - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests: Hopefully a simple enough request for a retexture of the combat armor to a darker color and replace the star with the hammer and sickle.

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Hi, sry for my english. Black armor Retexture mod for Fallout 4.

It’s a little retexture mod.
2 components :
Gilet pare-balles du réseau rail I,II,III,iV or V
Winmain dev c compiler. +masque à gaz d’assaut. (sry I don’t know english translation)
I just recolored evertyhings in black.
Just my like.

  • As was already said, Wasteland clothing Hires retexture is a good retex, but it's also the only retex of clothing items, if you aren't doing single mods for single textures. I can vouch for the Book of Steel - Compatibility Edition, the original mod is a mess in terms of armors. And then I also use Bornagain Combat Armor, and then some misc.
  • Outfits I recommend anything by Crimsomrider like the Catwoman outfit, the pinup Military outfit, the bone armor. UCO is good if you want protection but still want a skimpy outfit, since it offer a feature to make vanilla armor invisible. I use to use the the vanilla body with a bikni retexture. I wish I could combine EVB and it.
  • Real Leather - Armor and Clothing. This mod not only retouches a lot of the armor and clothing in.
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1) extract the files in Fallout4/data/textures

2) rename a line in your fallout 4 ini (My game/Fallout4/Fallout4.ini)
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS, change in sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS, sound, textures, interface,

3) in game, use the console to add the items in your inventory
(player.additem “item id” 1)

here’s the ID

Raider armor I >> 0001bbcb5
Raider armor II >> 0001bbcb5
Raider armor III >> 0001bbcb5
Raider armor IV >> 0001bbcb5
Raider armor V >> 0001bbcb5
Mask >> 0007239E

Fnv Armor Retexture

Please, endorse if you like

Fallout 4 Power Armor Locations Map

Fallout 4 Armor Retexture


Fallout 4 Armor RetextureFallout

Fallout 4 Clothing Retexture

Credits: Nicow33


Fallout 4 Raider Armor Retexture

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