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Find discord servers tagged with Tarkov using the most advanced server list. Find some awesome communities here. Joining the party late, but better late than never i guess, Escape from Tarkov now has its own official discord Mp3 shabad download free.

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Escape From Tarkov Discord Server
Tarkov Carry Service
Some Details … and Bonuses!
1.) I will kill everything, loot all items worth something, you don't have to do a thing! I will then give you all items once full.
2.) If we’re doing lab runs, I will be providing entrance cards to the raid.
3.) If you do not make AT-LEAST 1M/per run, we will do extra runs until you do, free of charge.
4.) I will not be doing multiple person groups, it will be me and one other person to ensure you get all of the loot.
5.) If myself or the buyer somehow dies during the raid (mainly happens because of other cheaters), I will provide an extra raid free of charge.
6.) If you're looking for a specific item, let me know, I can provide extra free runs in that case to get you the item!
So, the pricing and payment type…
$3.50/per for Labs
$3.00/per for Reserve and Shoreline
$2.75/per for ALL OTHER MAPS
I personally accept PayPal, Zelle, Cash APP, and BTC
Refund Policy…
If you are for some reason not satisfied with these raids, I will provide a refund if it’s reasonable. If it’s not reasonable and a chargeback occurs, I will fight against the chargeback/dispute, and you will be reported here on ePVP.
If I'm GREEN on Discord, I'm good to go!
Contact me…
Discord: Silent#8961
Pixel Network: