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  1. DELORME EARTHMATE GPS MODEL 9538 DRIVER - The email address entered is already associated to an account. I can't get any help from them to get the unit working on the new computer and quite frankly, it's the only reason I put the old system back on this new computer! The Knight Level 3 Expert Answers. Showing of 3 reviews. Or you have some sort of 'Conflict'.
  2. Is amazing how well this GPS Model 9538. How to sell a 24/7 global positioning system! To Use the second cable that the area. Earthmate is a high-performance, easy-to-use receiver that links to the satellite navigation technology of the global positioning system GPS. DeLorme Topo North America Topographic DVD, Earthmate.
Earthmate Gps Model 9538 DriverlasopaallModel

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DeLorme Earthmate USB GPS Receiver 9538 v1.0 Laptop Real-Time GPS Receiver. SPARES - REPAIRS - UPGRADES. Acquired from the US Government. Actual item from lot is shown. Appears new (see picture), but not in oem package so we are selling this as refurb. This is for a DeLorme Earthmate GPS. This is for a DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver which connects to a computers USB port. When used with popular mapping software it will allow you to pinpoint where you are in realtime See your position updated in real-time as you track using Street Atlas USA or Topo USA.

Used DeLORME Earthmate USB GPS Model 9538 v1.0; Product Identifiers. Item 4 DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver Model 9538 V1.0 w/ Bluetooth PowerPack LR9822-B - DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver Model 9538. Is only compatible with Windows XP. And it requires a 3rd party driver in order to work. By tmv19882013 Mar 08, 2013. You can also use the Configure Virtual COM Ports utility to assign up to three different COM Ports for the Earthmate GPS. License Model. Products Keyboard Drivers.

GPS review - DeLorme Earthmate GPS with Street Atlas 2003 Earthmate GPS with Street Atlas 2003 by DeLORME Review by Overview This package seems to be a pretty good value. Is it just me, or are you amazed at the falling prices for GPS solutions?

Simple GPS has somehow become a commodity item. At this rate, you may soon have GPS hardware embedded into your kid's Gameboy! Included for around $129 is a GPS receiver, a USB cable, and street mapping software that covers the entire U.S. Genius hour blogalamo world geography.

Not included, and absolutely necessary, is a portable computer with an available USB port. The receiver has no display. It is a small, simple yellow box about the length and width of a credit card and one inch thick. The unit also works with popular PDA's, with either Palm or PocketPC operating systems. This review does not cover the PDA integration or software - but stay tuned, because it seems like a natural fit due to the small form factor. Form Factor The GPS unit, which this review will henceforth refer to as the 'cookie', is compact and small enough to haul around without a problem. It weighs a measly 2 ounces.

Here is what it looks like, sitting on my plastic laminate desktop. I dropped a quarter in there for sizing. Rather diminutive, eh? I can't figure out what the suction cup is for. There is no mention of it in any of the documentation. It sure won't stick to anything in my car, except glass, and sticking it to the windshield just hangs the cord up where it blocks your vision, so who knows? I suspect the engineers had a good reason for demanding that it be included in the box, but apparently the documentation and marketing people never caught on.

Interfaces and Configurations There are a refreshing number of ways to set things up. In a nice modular sort of way, the DeLORME (yep, that is the officially capitalization) folks have most of us covered. You can use a laptop or PDA for display and input, and you can use USB, serial, or Bluetooth for connectivity. There are also interesting-sounding combinations of these that can be set up.

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For example, how about setting the GPS cookie on the dashboard, then sitting in the back seat with a Bluetooth-equipped PDA grabbing real-time positioning data from a Bluetooth adapter hooked up to the cookie? The most common hookup, and the one that we tested, is to plug the cookie into the USB port of a regular old laptop. The unit then gets its power from the USB cable. If your older laptop does not have a USB port, you'll have to purchase a separate cable ($30) that also includes a cigarette lighter adapter (oops, I mean a '12 volt power takeoff') plug for power. If you connect to a PDA, the cookie can't get its power from the USB cable, so there is a battery-powered pack that ships with the handheld bundles (about $100 more than the laptop bundle). It uses either 4-AAA batteries (said to last about 10 hours) or a rechargeable Lithium battery pack (another $50) that lasts 7-12 hours.

Earthmate Gps Model 9538 Driverlasopaall

The optional Bluetooth unit uses a little more power. If you will be using the Bluetooth capabilities, you will find the battery pack integrated into the Bluetooth cradle.

Be Careful Out There There are warnings in the packaging reminding us that it is not a good idea to use this while driving alone. It is more suited to use by a dedicated navigator than it is for quick glances by the driver. I've got to agree - unless you can pull over and stop, you won't get much out of this except a general idea of where you are on a highway. There is, however, a largish green arrow that highlights your current position on the screen, and it is probably reasonable to glance over once in a while - no worse than reviewing your fuel gauge. Unfortunately, the included voice navigation feature is not ready for prime time, as I explain below. If the voice navigation worked as advertised, you could just set the laptop in the passenger's seat and navigate by following the voice prompts.

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DeLORME also sells a flexible easel that installs in your vehicle and holds a laptop. They call it a 'jotto.' Kind of a cool idea, but we didn't test it. From their sales materials, it looks like you'd have to give up the passenger seat to install it, but take a look if you are a professional road warrior. Installation hassles The installation program was not as well written as it could have been. I encountered several annoying bugs, inconsistencies, and general poor installation practices while setting up the software. But overall, the installation works ok, and if you can ignore the awkwardness, you'll end up with a functional installation.