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Superuser APK is the popular application that can be the best reference for you and now the latest version is 3.1.3. It is the application that is designed for the special account of a user especially for system administration. I installed Superuser = v1.0.3.0 on LG G2 D802: CyanogenMod = Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP)= v2.6.3.3 When I open Superuser, it pops up a window titled 'Install' with the following message: The Superuser binary (su). With it, you can revoke superuser root access, grant superuser root access, deny superuser root access, and many others. If you lost your app or mistakenly uninstalled SuperSU App or removed it before to avoid supersu application asking for root for superuser access, you can download it here. Download SuperSU Latest V2.82 APK.

Previous version Superuser 3.1.2 apk for Android will help you to downgrade or install older app easily. This is one of the best Tools apps.

Then, how to operate it in Android? Well, you can actually use this app on your android. It will give the initial of user automatically. Besides that, you can also run the ability of its root through sudo. But, you also have to configure it to your password before taking administrative actions. Well, for some cases the actual version of root account will be disabled by default action. So, it cannot be used directly. Besides that, this access will be also inaccessible by the design. But, you can use the security system that exploited to obtain it. Then, on Plan 9, you cannot find this app.


Superuser Binary Files


Download Superuser For Android

After that, what about using this app on Unix-like? Well, the root will be the user’s conventional name that has all of rights or allowance for operating it with all modes. You can also find alternative names like baron in avatar and BeOs for some unix variants. Besides that, BSD also offers you the toor or root account. Then, for your information, the root user can do anything that ordinary user cannot do. For example, they will be able to change the file ownership. Then, they can also bind the network ports that have been numbered below 1024. What are other features that you will get by using the root account? Because of its origin mode, root becomes the only account that you can use for modifying the Unix system root directory. Finally, those are all the discussion about Superuser for Android that you can use. Of course, it will give you beneficial things.

Features of Superuser APK 3.1.2

No Superuser Binary Detected

Permissions requested are for:

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  • Internet – updating the binary
  • External storage – backup/restore for elite users
  • NFC – creating an allow tag for elite users
  • Boot completed – fix database on boot

Superuser Binary Apk