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Breaking down the lines in this master_preferences file,

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  • Under settings, the first value is the hash of the extension ('apflmjolhbonpkbkooiamcnenbmbjcbf'). You get this by packaging up the CRX file, and is also the extension's identifier in the gallery.
  • 'location' must always be 1.
  • The 'manifest' section must contain 'key', 'name', 'permissions', 'update_url', 'version', and 'manifest_version'. These can come from the extension's manifest.
  • The 'key' value comes from the packaged extension, just like the hash. If you look at an unzipped CRX file, you'll find the 'key' in manifest.json.
  • 'name' can be anything, although having a temporary tag (i.e. '(Installing..)') will help users understand why an extension is taking an extra bit of time to load.
  • 'permissions' must be the same as the permissions in the extension CRX file at 'update_url', or the user will see lots of warnings and it won't load. So, you can't specify and empty permissions array, and the real extension requires lots of permissions -- that would hide escalating privilege.
  • 'update_url' is the URL where the CRX lives. Again, this is in the manifest.json file.
  • 'version' should always be '0.0'
  • 'manifest_version' should be the same as in the extension CRX file manifest.json (current manifest_version 2)
  • 'path' should always be the extension's hash followed by '0.0'.
  • 'state' should always be 1.

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If any of these rules are broken, the extension may not load or the user may see a warning.

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Important:Max tides of blood dmg. If the extension contains content scripts that need permissions, they must be listed in the master_preferences as well. For example,

If the extension has content scripts that need permissions / access, and you do not specify it here, the extension will not load!

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You can pre-load multiple extensions. Adding an additional extension is as easy as adding another block under 'settings':