Diy Glitter Heelsbobby Pins And Lip Gloss

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Tired of the kiddos stealing all of your lip balm? Surprise them with their own special lip gloss with this candy flavored homemade lip gloss recipe! It’s inexpensive to make, easy to personalize to your child’s tastes, and makes a great gift.

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This candy flavored homemade lip gloss recipe has it all. It moisturizes dry lips, is shimmery, smells delicious, and is stored in a kid-friendly container. Click To Tweet

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Of everything that could drive you crazy about being a mom, it’s always the little things that seem to be the worst, right? For me, it’s the kiddos messing up my lip balm. I don’t mind them using it if they ask and then hand it back to me to close when they’re done. Of course, that’s not how it goes most of the time.

My kids are constantly getting into my lip balm in my purse. I get super annoyed grabbing my Burt’s Bees and finding it messy and destroyed because little hands got to it. Part of the problem is they don’t twist the balm back down after they use it. Instead, they smash the lid back on and slip it into my bag.

These candy flavored homemade lip glosses are stored in small lidded pots instead of twist tubes. That makes them more kid friendly plus the containers are reusable. No more destroyed lip balm in your purse. Let your kiddos have their own lip gloss and leave yours alone.

Diy Glitter Heelsbobby Pins And Lip Gloss Swatches

Candy Flavored Lip Gloss Materials

Diy glitter heelsbobby pins and lip gloss lipstick
  • I got the Hikari Lip Gloss in 'Salsa' (i believe there was at least 1 other colour that people could've received). I was like hell yea another lip product (lip products are my go -to for some reason) and the colour is super pigmented and it's a moisturizing formula, but it.
  • Clean off your lip brush, and load it up with the glitter paste. Cover your lips with the glitter. Start out by covering the edge of your lips and working your way to the center.
  • Candy Flavor Oil (I used Root Beer and Watermelon.)
  • Small Containers for Mixing

Step 1

First, add a small amount of cocoa butter petroleum jelly into 1 container per flavor you are making.

Step 2

Next, add some cosmetic grade mica powder on top of the petroleum jelly.

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  • I chose to use different colors for the different flavors. This is completely optional. You can use 1 color for all of the flavors although the candy flavor oil may change the color when mixed in.

Step 3

Stir your mica powder into the petroleum jelly with a wooden popsicle stick until it is well combined.

Diy Glitter Heelsbobby Pins And Lip Gloss

Step 4

Add in 5-10 drops of your candy flavoring oil after your mica powder is mixed into your petroleum jelly. Then mix the oil into your lip gloss thoroughly.

Step 5

Lastly, after you’ve mixed your lip gloss, scoop them into the small lidded containers.

Step 6 (Optional)

Top your container lids with stickers or cabochons to label the flavors.

Diy glitter heelsbobby pins and lip gloss remover

Is it really kid-friendly if it’s not delicious? Um, no. This candy flavored homemade lip gloss recipe has it all. It moisturizes dry lips and has a hint of shimmer. It smells and tastes delicious plus it’s stored in a totally kid-friendly container too! These make great party favors, stocking stuffers, or basket stuffers for kids because you can whip up a large batch in no time at all.

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Diy Glitter Heelsbobby Pins And Lip Gloss Remover

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Diy Glitter Heelsbobby Pins And Lip Gloss Lipstick

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