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Dc unlocker is a specialized program for unlocking the data card. It is the first universal data card to unlock products worldwide. It is fast (it takes 5 – 60 seconds to unlock). Conveniently from use and functional program with a clear interface. No need for cables or adapters for unlocking. Int his article, we present DC Unlocker EXE. Download it from here.

The data card can be simply unlocked in the same notebook in a PCMCIA socket or express there are new models are added regularly.

How to Use DC unlocker

In the first case, the user downloads the program, purchases the required number of credits (register on the site and order the required amount on the DC-Unlocker credits page ). The number of credits required to unlock depends on the model of the device, on the loan order page, the supported models are indicated.

Install DC Unllockclient Crack software. Remove the modem and put a sim card that doesn’t work. Open the DC unlocker with DC Unlocker 2 Client Username and Password. Select the Modem and leave it in the auto-detect model. 1a8c34a149 DC UNLOCKER 2 CRACK CLIENT 2019. Username: New Huawei Password: Free Test. Infinity Box Cm2 Full Cracked 2019. DC unlocker client software v1.00.0828 Cracked Full Version Free Unlimited Credit. Not working Wrong username or password!

The second option is convenient for frequent use of the program Dc-Unlocker – buy Dc Unlocker Dongle or activation on any of the boxes Vygis Rocker Infinity BEST. The advantage of this option is that the unlocking of most models will be free, and unlock unlimited.

Follow the steps to release any modem

It comes in a Rar file. Inside there is a file called Dc-unlocker two client 1.00.620.exe- it will be dragged to the desktop just like the other file named – UniKey.dll – once on the desktop, you take the unikey.dll file, and you release it on dc unlocker 2 client 1.00.620.exe. Then it will be installed without problems

  1. Install the modem software
  2. Remove the modem and put a sim card that doesn’t admit.
  3. Open DC unlocker and select the mark of the modem and the model (You can leave it in auto detect). Click on detect modem section.
  4. In the top right, there is an option that says unlocking. Click on it. Other options are automatically deployed. Click “unlock”
  5. Now configure the profile for the operator of the new sim card.
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In case you don’t recognize the modem, try several times.

DC-Unlocker Client 1.00.1396: Download Link

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Instructions for using DC Unlocker Huawei

Install the program (download free Dc-Unlocker), always use the latest version. Then click the Auto Search button to determine the Huawei device (all drivers must be installed in advance). After the software determines the device, click the “Unlock.”

If everything is done correctly, the program will report the successful completion of the process. Now, the device is forever unlocked and will work with any SIM card of any operator.

You can also download: CS Tool

Errors of DC unlocking that can occur during operation:

Error (error code 21) Troubleshooting 21: Check if the software that is currently using the modem is in use if there is a need to close it, check if there are other running programs to unlock, restart the PC and try again.

Error 62: The error was connecting to the server! – no connection to the server disable antivirus, firewalls, check the connection to the Internet, change the PC, change the provider, also your IP could be banned (contact support).

Error 17: Access denied – your account is blocked, you may have entered the wrong password, it is possible to cost sniffer software or various programs scanners.


DC-Unlocker Crack

User Name: New Huawei

Password: Free Test


Final thought,

It is not necessary to select any COM port, automatic function detection. Free updates. As of now, all the dongles have 50 free credits to use the special functions. This DC unlocker serves to unlock any card ship model is very useful because at the time of moving company.

DC-Unlocker 2 Crack With Torrent Free 2020

DC-Unlocker 2 Crackunlocks your modem, router, and the phone simply. It is a software application richest in modems, and phones unlocking. DC Unlock is the world’s leading unlock software. It is to understand and standard software with clean interaction. When you assign it a task of unlocking, it will get it a few seconds. With it, you have no need for any specifical cable and adapters.

On the official product page, you can get the appendix of supported modules. For the supported phones, you can also the list on the GSM forum. This software is a complete activation for the best dongle. It permits its users to use all tools of DC-Unlocker program with the best dongle. Through this activation, you can unlock all listed models freely.

the program is a great time saver and instinctive software. It does not require your expertise. It is as simple for the naïve users as for the experts. Moreover, the help disk is always active to solve your issues. DC-Unlocker Crack application for Android devices has several unlock code creation. Finally, it is an affordable program with several devices support.

DC-Unlocker Keygen Features:

  • The effective USB cable supports you to unlock simply.
  • The program offers you free updates for newly added models.
  • You can no need to choose any COM port, and auto-detects tool.
  • With it, you have one year free updates and help for latest dongles.
  • Furthermore, it is a data card unlock and repair software.
  • You can get help for external and internal data cards. This availability is from the Option, Huawei, Sierra, wireless, Novatel, and Dell, etc.

Advantages of the Software:

  • However, The comprehensive video tutorial guide you step by step.
  • You can also easily read and write dashboard for ZTE USB modem freely.


  • You can easily unlock Huawei and ZTE modems.
  • Users can unlock several Huawei ID and FRP unlock.
  • It is also known as data card unlocking software.

Dc Unlocker Cracked Download

What’s new?

  • The latest released version of the program is 1.00.1431
  • The new version contains read boot loader code.
  • It can create unlock, and firmware update code, etc.
  • New DC-Unlocker enables voice tool for Sierra wireless modems and Huawei.

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  1. First, download the DC Unlocker Crack software.
  2. Now, unplug your modem.
  3. Unzip the this software.
  4. Double click to install and run it.

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