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<div>Hello Everyone,<div>There is a new application available for download. <div>Creative Console Launcher Entertainment Mode 2.6.32
<span>Filesize : <span>59.4 MB <div>Release date : 26 Jun 09 <div>File Name : CSL_PCAPP_LB_2_6_32.exe <div><div><div>This download contains the Creative Console Launcher Entertainment Mode application for use with certain Sound Blaster&reg; X-Fi&trade; audio devices on Windows Vista&reg; and Windows&reg; XP. For more details, read the rest of this web release note.
<div>This download supports the following devices only:
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook<
Added Features or Enhancements:
Adds a Connect button to the Wireless Music Control menu. <
Enables manual selection of the RF channel. <
Enables putting wireless receivers into standby mode. <
Microsoft&reg; Windows Vista&reg; 64-bit with Service Pack (SP), Windows Vista 32-bit with SP, Windows&reg; XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) 2004 or Windows XP MCE 2005. <
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook<
Before installing the application, download and install the latest web driver for your audio device. <
To install this application
Download the CSL_PCAPP_LB_2_6_32.exe file onto your local hard disk. <
Double-click the downloaded file. <
Follow the instructions on the screen.<

Creative Audio Console
Thanks Lol-CL For those who having trouble downloading slowie on creative servers you can go download of my fast ftp server Enjoy!?

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  • I have a Dell XPS700 with the Creative SB X-Fi soundcard and fi've speakers. Surround Sound for MP3, WAV, TV etc Was working great under Win XP Pro SP2. Now, I can't seem to configure the rear speakers. When I go to Start - All Programs - Sound Blaster X-Fi - Creative Console Launcher, I get a 'The console for the current mode of your audio device cannot be launched.' message and I cannot select the Entertainment Mode.

    Actually, you need to/should update your drivers (Creative *has* Vista-ready drivers for the X-Fi, including a new Audio Console). The only cards that Creative does *not* have Vista drivers for are cards *older* than the base Audigy (the only relati'vely new card affected is the Audigy SE). The base Audigy (in fact, *all* Audigy-series except the SE) has Vista beta drivers available (and a new Audio Console is part of the package).

  • This is the error message I get every time I try to install the Creative Console Launcher version 2.61.35 for my Creative X-Fi Titanium.
    I have uninstalled EVERYTHING, multiple times. All Creative applications, drivers, etc. Restarted in safe mode, ran driversweeper, restarted and re-installed. No dice.
    I even downloaded CCleaner and had it nuke my registry in case it detected some files that might be causing problems.
    The weird thing is that I don't know how it is detecting a newer version of the launcher. The reason being is because the only launcher I ever installed was the one that came on the physical CD with my soundcard. The only other things I have downloaded and installed were:
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Driver 2.17.0008
    DTS Connect Pack 1.03.08
    Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.00.06
    I also downloaded and ran the registry fixes that supposedly corrects the audio stuttering when DDL is enabled (I have experienced a lot of crackling/popping in Aliens Vs. Predators).
    Anyways, I can apparently access the control panel just fine, but I like the launcher, and it's frustrating not being able to install it. This all started when I wanted to upgrade my driver, so I uninstalled everything before I upgraded, then when I went to reinstall the launcher, I got that message.

    'If the software is installed correctly, and is the right version, then the updater should recognise it when it's installing.'
    Why wouldn't the software be installed correctly? I double-click on the installer .exe file and follow the instructions. If it doesn't work, fire whoever coded it!
    More seriously, these problems are all caused by Creative's ignorant policies on their software installation restrictions. I mean it's Creative Recorder, not ?2000 worth of software here - why so bloody protecti've about which PC it will install on for God's sake?
    Example algorithm for installation limited to Creative cards only: Check SBLi've! installed. Check Creative Recorder existing install. If existing, check version, and update. If not existing, install full version. Exit. Happy customer.
    Creative seem unable to follow the above logic. 666% Ignorant. I won't be buying them again.
    All the clean install instructions I have read on this site are FLAWED. They either a)require the original CD (WHY?! it's for Windows XP, wasn't even OUT when the CD was made!), and/or b)are riddled with mistakes/generalisations about what should work.
    What I'm not seeing here is the truth - Creative make flaky software as their hardware is too good for you to want to upgrade, so this poor software CONS you into thinking you need new hardware. Nice one, waste the planet some more for no help to the consumer. Evil.

  • HXFI Titanium high dpc latency after installing creative console launcher=im using windows 7 64 bit sp(rtm) this also happens with normal windows 7 64 bit(without sp).
    when only installing the driver for the XFI titanium my dpc latency is between 0-50 with spikes that go to 90.
    this also happens when I don't have any drivers installed.(windows high definition default driver)
    however when I install the creative console launcher my dpc latency is allways above 00 and most of the time between 00-200 with spikes to +-400.
    im using PAX PCIe Titanium ALL OS Driver V3.25, and creative console launcher 2.6.49 beta.
    my question is can I use game mode without installing the console launcher?
    is there a version of the console launcher that doesn't cause higher dpc latency?

    Maybe a bad driver mod. Try Creative own drivers/CD first and see what happens.

  • Hello!
    I have the Creative Sound blaster X-fi Fatalty titanium champion card.
    In my old computer with win XP 32bit, the creative console launcher window had a setting for microphone in the 'game mode' window to enable the voiceFX to change my voice.
    But with my NEW computer with win 7 64, i kept the exact same sound card cause i think its awesome, everything works great exept the microphone tab dont show, its just have the tabs named
    'Digital I/O' and
    the microphone tab used to be between the 'SPDIF/O' and 'Digital I/O'.
    I DO USE THE LATEST DRIVERS, and i have tried several times to completly swipe all drivers and reinstall them but no luck, same **bleep**. i also tested it before i updated the drivers from 07, to 08.
    please help im lost, i really miss to be able to prank people with this stuff.

    My Friend ?neither equalizer, eax effects, crystalizer,nothing on concole launcher options works on digital output(SPDIF)
    these options just works on analogue sound mode

  • )I've had an Xtreme music card for some time. Back with WinXP the sound driver had a task bar icon which could be used to quickly get a list sound card related programs, change volume, driver mode and so on. This feature does not exist anymore, not on Win7 at leased. I think I wrote a mail to the support team to ask about this feature, as it was way better than having to start the Creative Console Launcher every time.
    Am I missing something, or is this feature really gone? I've been thinking of installing the XP drivers again and just use that instead of the new ones.
    (by the way I just leared about the daniel k incident, my god Creative, what were you thinking? I don't think I should be expecting too much from the software department)

    -The Daniel K support pack 2.0?has all the missing features your looking for. I had the same problem moving to W7 having a Xtrememusic also. Why Creative has to make everything a PITA is beyond me.

  • What additional features does Creative Console Launcher have compared to the creative audio control panel that is installed with the driver automatically? It seems that the panel has all the main settings available. Why would anyone want to use the 'console launcher' (funny name for such an app) instead?
    The OS is Win XP Pro SP3 x86 and the card is PCI Express X-Fi Titanium Fatalty Pro Series.

    with the audio control panel you can't control the eq at all and you cant control the sample rate in audio creation mode but you can control the sample rate for game mode which is not possible with console launcher.

  • Okay so I reinstalled my soundcard. And updated to the new version of creative console launcher.
    Now The Console Mode Use To Have Various Icons
    A Mixer.
    And A EQ.
    Now All it has is Mixer.
    How can I get the other options back for my soundcard again. Please let me know.
    - Sincerely

    < Hey falmatrix2r, I also have the X-Fi Surround 5. USB and installing the latest drivers screwed up my stuff too. I also lost the On Screen Display functionality. I don't have a solution I can share with you, but can you read my post and let me know if you have a solution/suggestion for my problems? Thanks.

  • I seem to have lost the creative console launcher for my X-Fi card to start up into the taskbar on the bottom right side . How do I get it back there? I can open it from the taskbar but when I want to change modes I don't want to do all that.

    Are you sure your not confusing console with the rater excellent free app called XFI mode changer by Spectra9. Here's a link to the site

  • I trying to install Creative Console Launcher on Windows 8 x64,but i get the following error:
    Unsupported with Windows 8! Without this program,my headphones Tiamat 7.1,work without bass!
    Sorry for bad english,i hope you understand me!Thank you!

    There has been a change in where Firefox searches for plugins and the plugins folder in the Firefox program folder is no longer scanned for plugins, so Firefox won't find them anymore if they are installed in the plugins folder instead of the 'browserplugins' folder that Firefox now scans.
    You can set the plugins.load_appdir_plugins pref to true on the about:config page to make Firefox scan the '<install>/plugins/' directory for plugins like the WMP plugin (np-mswmp.dll).
    You can alternatively move plugins from '<install directory>plugins' to '<install directory>browserplugins' (create this folder when missing) to make Firefox find them again.

  • [color='#0000ff' size='3'>Hi Everyone,
    [color='#0000ff' size='3'>
    [color='#0000ff' size='3'>I?recently bought the Sound Blaster X-FI Surround 5. sound card. When I installed the Installation CD which came along with it, it launched a Creative Console Launcher(Software to control Audio-Settings). Yesterday I updated the Creative Console Launcher Software through the Creative Software Auto Update option. I did it thinking that it would give me, it would add some more features to the Creative Console Launcher, but instead it seems when I updated the?latest version of Creative Console Launcher ther are?some features missing, some of the features have been removed from the latest version like for e.g. EAX effects had a lot of options like Amphitheatre, Theatre, Royal Hall etc. All these have been removed and there have been some changes in EQ Effects section also.
    [color='#0000ff' size='3'>
    [color='#0000ff' size='3'>My question is What is the difference between the Creative Console Launcher which is installed at the time of installing the Installation CD and the Creative Console Launcher which is updated through the Creative Software Auto Update option. Which one should one go for. Which is the best one.
    [color='#0000ff' size='3'>Cheers !

    I see. So that's the reason. Since that the software doesn't work on the X-fi surround 5., does that means that using an optical connection wont have any difference with the direct analogue connection?
    By the way, I have a USB X-Fi Surround 5. and the logitech z5500d. Initially, I'm trying to maximise the potential of the speakers using the software and optical connection. Now that the software is not compatible, any suggestion on how to do it's
    Any suggestion on which type of connection to use (digital or analogue)?
    If digital, please provide me with the link to the suitable cable.

  • Hey all, I was just wondering if any of you had the same problem out there. For some reasons all of the sudden, both Audio Console and Creative Console Launcher aren't showing any speaker settings or CMSS-3D at all, as if they were removed from them completely. When i run THX Console it crashes.. Is there a way to fix this issue? This is all in Windows Vista 32bit. I'm Using:
    Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz
    2.5 GB of ram
    500 GB Sata2 Hard Dri've (Vista installed)
    250 GB Sata, 00 GB IDE, & 60 GB IDE Hard Dri'ves (storage)
    28 MB ATI Radeon 9800
    Creative X-FI Fatalty Champion (similar to Platinum)Message Edited by Unk_chaos on 0-03-200807:55 AM

  • I've erased my harddisc and reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium SP x64 and then upgrade it to the new SP2. After I've installed the updated driver to my Soundblaster X-fi Extrememusic and the updated softwares it crashes the Creative Console Launcher. This is what happens: I open the Creative Console Launcher and then I go to the Graphic Equalizer to change the EQ. After I have done that, I got a message like this: 'Creative Console Launcher has stopped working and Windows must close it down'. Is there any solutions for my problem

    I had a similar problem when installing Vista sp 2. What I did was remove all creative drivers and programs and reinstalled Daniel K.'s X-FI 2.0 package. My console launcher did the exact same thing, but I was using Creative's newest Console Launcher. When I reinstalled everything (which is included in the package) everything worked really well.
    I sometimes switch between drivers included in Dan K.'s pack and the package with a final overlay of the newest Creative Labs driver.
    here is a link: Dan K 2.0 X-FI inclusi've driver pack/update

  • Hi!
    When the new driver was released I did a clean install.
    I removed all of the previouse SB installations with Add/Remove.
    Installed the drivers.
    I then went into the X-FI driver disc and selected only THX setup console and Creative Console (I think that is the correct name of it).
    Now here?s the 'problem' Before I had some other stuff like midi things (dunno the real name) and I didn?t want that anymore.
    The Creative Console Launcher autostarted and put itself as a little icon right beside the windows clock. Now it doesn?t.
    I don?t want do add it to startup couse then I don?t get the little icon. Instead i will have the full menue.
    How can I get that little autostarted Icon back?
    Update: The icon appears to be named 'X-Fi icon' and can be seen here,/?St=763,E=0000000000085907403,K=3470,Sxi=,Kb=ww_en glish,VARSET=ws:,Case=obj(8553),Kb=ww_english
    Also does anyone know why Creative don?t have some of the programs that is on the cd on their website as updated ones?
    Thank you in advanced.Message Edited by yoggi on -7-2005 05:59 PMMessage Edited by yoggi on -7-2005 06:00 PMMessage Edited by yoggi on -7-2005 06:00 PMMessage Edited by yoggi on -7-2005 06:00 PM


  • Hi guys,
    I have just fresh installed Windows XP and this Creative card is giving me a pain in the bottom.
    I have a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Sound Car, and have been and downloaded the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Pack .04.0079 from here (XFXA_PCDRV_LB__04_0079.exe to be precise) however after installing, all that is installed in the sound card driver, and no console launcher. I have lost the CD that came with the card which had installed the console launcher but whatever I do nothing seems to works. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times to no avail. I have even disabled my anti-virus when installing so that doesn't effect the install however Creative Console Launcher is not being installed.
    My current Creative folder in program files in looking as follows:
    C:Program FilesCreative
    :- AudioCS
    :- Shared Files
    :- ShareDLL
    Here is a directory tree of a backup i have of my program files folder prior to me fresh installing Windows XP,
    C:Program FilesCreative
    :- Audio Device Selection Unicode
    :- MediaSource5
    :- ProdCat
    :- Product Registration
    :- Shared Files
    :- ShareDLL
    :- Software Update
    :- Sound Blaster X-Fi
    Free download nomad jukebox zen extra driver software. Any help on how I can get the installer to get Creative Console Launcher installed would be very much appreciated. Thanks


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