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Cory In The House Games Swerve And Serve. Download Microsoft Office-2007-ita-enterprise-kgfvy-7733b-8wck9-ktg64-bc7d8.iso. Teori Dependensi Pdf. Pengenalan Program Bina Insan Guru Ipgm. Teori- teory Komunikasi 1. Teori Model Lasswell Salah satu teoritikus komunikasi massa yang pertama dan paling terkenal adalah Harold Lasswell, dalam artikel. Featured Games Items Up For Trade 3,070. Market Transactions. Favorite Group The House Of Cory - Public Group Cory's Swerve and Serve 251. View all 95 comments Comments.

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Cory Swerve and Serve

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Cory Swerve and Serve
Cory Swerve and Serve: Cory needs some help! There`s a dinner at the White House, and every room is filled with guests! Cory and his friends are in the kitchen helping his dad. They need you to serve the quests! Use the arrow keys to move to hungry guests. Serve a guest and then go in the kitchen for a plate. The guests get upset if you make them wait. Grab stars to gain bonus points! Pickup clocks for extra time and phones to divert the secret service!
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