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Posted on is a popular server among the different servers which are giving their service to every kodi software. In nowadays it is giving a huge response to those who are getting the issues while they were watching a movie or any other videos on their kodi software.

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If you are getting any interruptions while trying to watch a movie or any other videos, you need the Vshare eu pair help. You must pair this Vshare eu pair with your kodi software device. From this article, we are going to tell you that how to fix Vshare eu pair using URL resolver.

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Are you Facing Issue Too?


  • 1 How Can Be Fixed Using URL Resolver

How Can Be Fixed Using URL Resolver

There are different methods are available to fix the Vshare eu Pair on your kodi software. But the URL resolver is also one of the best methods to fix . So we are giving you the information about the URL resolver, through this you can fix it as easy as you can. The steps are as follows.

  1. To fix Vshare eu pair, first, you have to open your “Kodi Software”
  2. Immediately click on the “Settings” option
  3. After that click on the “System Settings” option
  4. Now you will get “Expert Mode” if it is not there you need to convert “Settings mode” to “Expert Mode”
  5. From there you have to select “Addons”
  6. Then you will get “Manage Dependency” would appear to you just click on that
  7. Here you can see “URL Resolver”
  8. After that, you have to click on the “Information Page”
  9. On that information page you can see “Configure” so click on that option
  10. Now “Resolvers List” is available, So pick up that option
  11. From that list, you can see “Vshare eu pair” select that server
  12. Then you have to disable “Vshare eu pair Resolver”
  13. Finally, click on the “Confirm” option

That’s it from now onwards you never get any kind of interruptions from any other servers list. Actually, these servers list does not allow you to watch your favourite videos until you fix the vshare eu pair on your kodi. So select Vshare eu pair and fix that by using the above method.

How Can We Remove Or Disable URL Resolver From Kodi

To remove or to disable URL resolver you have to follow the below steps and they will give you a better performance if you follow them perfectly.

  1. Launch your “Kodi“> Chose “Settings” option> Now click on “Systemsettings“> Then select “Addons
  2. Now “Manage Dependencies“> Find and click on “URL Resolver“> Chose “Configure“> Pick up “Anyresolver“> Finally click on “Enabled” option to make it “Disabled

These are the steps to disable the URL resolver from your kodi. But this URL resolver will help you a lot and it works behind or background of the kodi software.

If you have any problem with the URL resolver you can remove or disable that URL resolver by following the above steps.We mentioned almost all the information about the URL resolver and its performance for Vshare eu pair. is one of the best servers which allows all the kodi users to pair with it by using the IP address. But most of the kodi users who’re interesting to watch videos through the various addons are annoying with the stream authorization error that means they unable to stream their favorite videos.

So in this particular platform we are going to share all the useful information about the /pair and also each and every solution for http // errors. So once read this article and get the best solution for all vshare pairing not working issues.


  • 2 Stream Authorization Method

Note:Super smash flash unblocked games. We Suggest method 1 only because rest two method about blocking vshare server in your kodi, if you block vshare in your kodi then you will no longer enjoy vshare content.

As we know vshare server providing 70% content to kodi. So, better to pair with instead of blocking. As we know vshare server providing 70% content to kodi.

How To Fix Not Working Issues (Stream Authorization Method)

If your kodi is unable to give access to the pairing server that means if you’re getting the vshare not pairing issue then you have three methods to solve this Vshare eu pair Not working issue. The methods given below, so once try them and get rid of not working issues such as stream authorization error and some others.

  1. Stream Authorization Method
  2. By Using The URL Resolver
  3. Hosters With Captchas

So with these three methods we can solve our vshare pairing issues very easily, so let us start with the first method and then we will go with the next two methods. Stream Authorization Method

With the below simple steps we can stream our favorite videos for a limited duration and we won’t be getting again this stream authorization error, so let us start the procedure.

Caution: Before we are going to pair our kodi device IP address with the server we need to use the best VPN server and then we can change our device IP address according to the restriction mode.

  • Now launch your “Kodi Software” > “Watch A Movie” through the any addon
  • Now a pop up would appear here, which says “Stream Authorization Is Required To Play This Video”
  • So to get rid of this stream authorization error, you need to follow the below steps

After you’ve seen the above pop up, you need to follow the below simple steps.

  • Visit the “”
  • Here you can get the “IP Address” which is mandatory to pair with this “ pair/pair”
  • Here you need to “Solve The Captcha” (Iam Not A Robot,.etc)
  • After getting the “Green Tick”, you need to hit on “Pair” or “Active Streaming”
  • Now a pop up will appear “Your Device IP Address has been paired successfully”

So with this method we can able to use videoshare or with any third party applications. But this pair/pair will be paired up to four hours duration, so every four hours we have to follow the above method.

Here Few Useful Links:

Contactvshare Pair

How To Disable pop up With URL Resolver Method

URL resover is one of the methods from the list of the above three methods, so you can try this method if any of the two methods didn’t work for your kodi addons to vshare pairing.

  • From the “Kodi Home Screen” > Click on “Settings” > After that “System Settings”
  • Now you need to change the “Settings Mode” to “Expert Mode”
  • From the below of “Addons” option you will get “Manage Dependencies” option, so click on it
  • Hit on “URL Resolver” and then chose “Configure”
  • Now select “Vshare eu” from the various hosters
  • So “Disable” the “Vshare eu Hoster”

How To Disable The Hosters With Captchas

With the “Hosters With Captchas” method also we can solve our vshare pair not working issue so once try the below steps if the stream authorization method hasn’t been worked.

  • From the “Kodi Home Screen” you need to select the “Addons” and then “Video Addons”
  • Chose your “Favorite Addon” like covenant or any other
  • Right click on your “Favorite Addon” and there select “Settings” from various options
  • Now it delivers “Settings:Playback” > Then it delivers “Hosters With Captchas” >Make sure it should be “Disabled”

From now on wards your device won’t be getting the any issue, if you get any kind of not working issues just let us know through the below comment section we will answer to those issues.

How To Pair http vshare eu pair firestick With Simple Steps

Contactvshare Pair

If you are familiar to watch your favorite videos through the firestick then you also need to use the http vshare eu pair for your firestick. So from the below simple steps we can easily pair our firestick device with the http // So let’s get started.

Note: The firestick and the kodi device should be connected with the same wifi connection.

  • Through the any of your favorite browser you need to enter “”
  • Here you will get the “IP Address” at the same time you need to solve the “Captcha”
  • Finally, click on “Active Streaming” or “Pair” option

That’s all with the above simple steps we can easily pair http vshare eu pair firestick.

Is Safe Or Not? How To Use It In Safe Mode? Is purely Unsafe To Use if you use their service with out VPN, Why because Mostly, we are trying to watch our favorite videos through the third party addons and they won’t allow to watch some videos in some restricted regions. We are pairing our kodi device IP address with the vshare .eu /pair, So we can’t infringement their rules.

How to be in a safe with https vshare pair with out infringement of the rules and regulations of this and Kodi software. The best solution is use the best VPN’s (Virtual Private Network) such as Hoxx VPN, IP Vanish,.etc so with the help of this VPN’s we can change our country location IP address.

Why Not Working?

Even you followed the above mentioned three methods your device may not be connected with the vshare eu pair with the new IP address, at those times you need to check the below aspects which every user forget to fix before they pair.

Contact Vshare Pair Connect

  • By entering the “Wrong URL”
  • By Turning off the VPN after pairing, or Turning on the VPN after pairing ( we should turn on VPN and then only start following stream authorization method)
  • Not using the other methods instead of “Not Supporting Method” from the above three methods (Try to follow all methods until you paired successfully)

FAQ’s Of Streaming Authorization Error

1 Q: Any Paid Service To Get Rid on Vshare Pair Error On Kodi ?
Ans: Yes, Real Debrid is the best option to get rid of vshare pair error on kodi
2 Q: Any Free VPN Services You Want To Suggest ?
Ans: Yes, we shared in this article, again telling here (HOX,Hammer) are one of the best vpn’s
3 Q: Is This method work on latest kodi 18th version ?
Ans: Yes, Just follow same method from above mentioned, it will work for sure
4 Q: Is Vshare Legal To Use?
Ans: V share is purely legal and it doesn’t have any limitations to download from app store for ios devices and from playstore for your android devices.

Contact Vshare Pair List

So simply get the http // download by using the different playstore or app store and get the different hastle free pairing methods from the above list.

Contact Vshare Pair Best

5 Q: Is Vshare Eu Pair Safe To Use Or Not?
Ans: Of course! Vshare eu pair is safe to use, but some times its unsafe to use at some restricted countries to search or viewing of some specific content.
6 Q: Can We Pair The Kodi By Using Our Smartphone?
Ans: Yes we can pair the kodi with the smartphones simply, but there is an official app for smartphones, we need to install that app.

Contact Vshare Pair App

7 Q: What are the Best VPN’s?
Ans: The best vpn’s we have mentioned over here, you can check them from the below lines. Surfshark, Express VPN, CyberGhost, Nord VPN, IPVanish.

How Many Times We Need To Pair Our Device IP Address With The Vshare.Eu/Pair Server

Vshare Download

There is no limit to pair your device with the, because once you paired your device with the vshare by using the IP address then the duration will be lasting up to four hours and after that you need to pair your device again by using the stream authorization method or any other method from the above three methods.