Cloudmounter 1.0 Download Freelasopasdirect

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FreelasopasdirectCloudmounter 1.0 Download Freelasopasdirect
CloudMounter is a must-have tool for laptop users with low-capacity SSD-drives. You can easily mount most popular clouds as disks without having to download online files on the hard drive. As well as secure cloud files with data encryption. Choose one of your Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts and manage them in Finder for free.
CloudMounter is a solid system utility for mounting cloud storages and web servers as local disks to your Mac. Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, (S)FTP, WebDAV and OpenStack Swift servers in Finder, as if they are all hosted on your computer.
Cloud data encryption
CloudMounter keeps your online files protected with advanced encryption standard. Thus reducing cloud risks to minimum.
Integration with Finder
The integration with Finder is smooth and logical. Makes using the app even easier and comprehensive.
Constant updates
We never stop improving and adding more cloud support to our product. Whatever ideas or concerns you have — our tech specialists are happy to help.
Cloudmounter 1.0 Download Freelasopasdirect

Cloudmounter 1.0 Download Freelasopasdirect Windows 7

Is a Metro application that you can use to listen to music on SoundCloud, whether you have an account or not. It's optimized for mobile, touch-supported devices running Windows 8, 8.1. Download vcredist12x86.exe 32-bit Download vcredist12x64.exe 64-bit Download vcredist14x86.exe 32-bit. CloudMounter is a cloud storage services localizing (mounting, controlling) software for Mac and Windows platforms, developed by Electronic Team from Germany. Similar to ExpanDrive, it can simultaneously mount Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, OpenStack Swift, Amazon S3, Dropbox and other cloud drives as local disks in Windows Explorer, thus making it convenient for users to store and use the.