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Forging is one of my favorite subjects in Clash of Kings.
It requires some patience and quite some advance planning.

Right in the beginning of your castle you should think about it and make a decision on which EQUIPMENT you want to craft later. Why? Because you will need lots of MATERIAL, STEEL and equipment for it. You also should have in mind what color of equipment you want.

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I always aim for Purple Equipment. Purple is level 4 material and It`s definetely high quality.
Even though it requires tough work It`s totally worth it. If you spend a lot of money in Clash of Kings you could also aim for Orange material, as I will talk about the Material Colors later in this post.

Blue is a good start if you don`t want to spend too much time into forging. Don`t craft white or green equipment, those are the cheap craftables in the game. Crafting white and green is way easier and faster but you will end up with a low quality equipment set.

Now, let`s talk about Forging details, It may seem complicated in the beginning for some people. When I just started playing (and I am not what you call a patient person, so I would avoid looking into descriptions), I couldn’t really understand how and why to synthesize the material. I ended up forging a really crap equipment set, some of it Green and the rest White. Those were dark times, my friends.

Now, If you already know how to do it you will certainly find this a very stupid post. But It’s actually saying in the title that this is the BASIC Blacksmith Guide.
If you are not so familiar about Forging Equipment, I hope this guide really helps you. If you still have any doubts on the BASIC after reading it, please leave your doubts in the comment box.

In order to forge an equipment you will need:

  • Material
  • Steel
  • Sub-Equipment (unless you are crafting a level 1 item)

Each material corresponds to one kind of attribute. Different equipment requires different materials.

The attributes are shown as follows:

Maple: Increase Building Speed
Rhodonite: Increase Science Research Speed
Bone: Increase Farm Income
Fabric: Increase Troop Load
Garnet: Increase Trap Attack
Bronze: Increase Infantry Attack
Amber: Increase Cavalry Attack
Horn: Increase Archer Attack
Cobalt Ore: Increase Chariot Attack
Jade: Increase Marching Speed
Fur: Increase Hospital Capacity
Herb: Increase the Wounded Recovery Speed

*Source: Clash of Kings

How do I find or create materials in Clash of Kings???

  • When you gather resources in the world map
  • Material Chests (you can buy them in the Items Store or in the Traveling Merchant)
  • Workshop (That`s where your work is going to be)

Material > Equipment Quality

There are 6 levels of material > equipment qualities. From low to high they will be:

White -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Orange -> Gold

Now you can see more clearly why Purple is a good option, unless your plan is to have a one year + account or you are going to spend some money into forging.

Synthesizing materials

Clash of kings troop trees

4 white materials = 1 green
4 green materials = 1 blue
4 blue materials = 1 purple
4 purple materials = 1 orange
4 orange materials = 1 gold

How do I get the STEEL in Clash of Kings??

  • Wishing Well (YES! Always pick steel, unless you are in need of food to heal your wounded troops)
  • Daily Rewards
  • Steel Chests (Very expensive, that`s why you should really use the wishing well to get your steel)


Go to the Workshop.
Select the material you want to create. For example: You want to craft a Green Bronze
Create 4x bronze material (they will be all white as they are level 1 material)

  • In the workshop you can buy up to 5 prodution queue. This will make sure you are always crafting material. I personally use total 5 slots. I don`t think it`s worthy to buy the last one because it costs 800 gold).

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Now you have to SYNTHESIZE your material, so that your 4x level 1 bronze (white) become 1x level 2 bronze (Green)

Go to the Blacksmith -> Storage Box -> Materials -> Bronze -> Synthesize (4 white Bronze will become 1 Green)
You can see in your storage box now that you have a brand new GREEN BRONZE.

Now you can already forge, FINALLY!


Go the Blacksmith -> FORGING -> Select the Equipment you want to forge, for example WEAPONS -> Apprentice Sword LV 1

You will need BRONZE and AMBER.

If you want to make it Green you will need 1x Green Bronze and 1x Green Amber to be 100% sure you will make it GREEN. Same applies to every color.

When you are crafting a level 5 or above equipment you will need a Sub Equipment.

For example to craft A HUNTING BOW LV 5 you will need Lungs and psoriasisfasrweek.

HORN – COBALT ORE – and ONE Equipment LV 1
You just need to Remove the Equipment from your profile so that you can use it to Forge.
Remember that not only the material color, but also the SUB EQUIPMENT COLOR will define what final color you will get while crafting.

We will be talking in more details about how to craft High Quality Materials in another post.

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PS: You should always know what you want to craft, so that you can create the materials required and get the Steel you will need.

Clash Of Kings Troop Trees

PS2: If you run out of steel, check your items because you may have some Steel in there

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