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Chess Tiger for iOS [1]

Chess Tiger,
a chess engine by Christophe Théron. Chess Tiger and the version dubbed Gambit Tiger[2] competed the WMCCC 1997, WCCC 1999, WMCCC 2000 (3rd place) and the WMCCC 2001, won three times the French Computer Chess Championship, three times the French Programmers Tournament, two times the Spanish Computer Chess Championships, three times the Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship, and the BELCT 2001. As once mentioned by Christophe, Chess Tiger uses a resource friendly 16x16 board vector attacks approach [3].

Chess Tiger 15 Free Download

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The PC version of Chess Tiger is simply one of the best chess programs you can run on a Personal Computer. It also has one of the most friendly human interface ever written, fully compliant with Windows standards (for example it allows you to copy a game to your favorite word processor with a simple copy/paste operation). Chess Tiger 15.0 runs under the original Fritz interface. There are plenty of functions for beginners, club players and grandmasters: blitz and tournament chess, handicap levels, analysis. There is a competent chess coach for beginners, with complete move descriptions, warnings and real-time help during the game. Toggle navigation. News; Events; About us; Links. Computer chess; Chess Servers; Developers; Shareware.

Chess Tiger is suited to run on various platforms, an UCI compatible PC version is available from Lokasoft[4] , and Chess Tiger 15 from ChessBase[5]. Recent versions focus on PDAs, Tablet computers, and Smartphones, such as the free Palm version [6] , and the releases for Apple'siPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, all running under Apples iOSMobile operating system[7], also incorporated in Apple's Chess Pro - with coach[8].

from the ICGA tournament site [9]



  1. Chess Genius was the strongest, but now ChessTiger is even stronger! Does it mean that it is the best? It's up to you to decide. Just download the strongest palm chess software for free and evaluate its possibilities. Is Chess Tiger for the Palm a chessmaster? Just check it out with this free download evaluation version.
  2. Chess Tiger free download - Chess Nx, Fantasy Chess, Chess 2020, and many more programs.

Desktop tower defence unblockeddefinitely not a game site. Early Chess Tiger GUI under MS-DOS[10]

Chess Tiger 15 Download

DOCCC 2001, round 8, Chess Tiger - Fritz[11]

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Chess Tiger 15 Download Windows 10

Chess Tiger

  • Chess Tiger 2007 from Lokasoft
  • ChessTiger 15 from ChessBase Shop
Chess tiger free

Chess Tiger 15 Download Free


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