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The preview and details pane size is set by the DetailsContainerSizer binary value in the Registry key: HKEYCURRENTUSER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Modules GlobalSettings Sizer I do not know of way to make the thumbnail larger in the details pane. It is larger in the preview pane. If you’re looking to change a default program in Windows 10 and you have a file with the same file format on your drive, you can easily change the application that opens it by right-clicking the file in Windows File Explorer (or on your desktop), hovering over the Open with menu, and clicking the Choose another app option. The preview pane (as the name suggests) allows you to get a preview of your documents and pictures, directly from the File Explorer. To enable this feature on Windows 8.1 follow the steps below. Display The Preview Pane in File Explorer on Windows 8.1. Open File Explorer. Click on the View tab. Click on 'Preview pane' to enable this feature. You can change your File Explorer View settings by performing the following steps: Open File Explorer and move to the View tab. Select 'Preview pane' to remove it from being highlighted: Close File Explorer and check if the issue occurs. We do hope that Microsoft will fix the problem with the Preview pane in Windows Explorer soon. File Explorer normally shows thumbnail previews for all kinds of files, like AVI, MKV, and even FLV video files. However, on some systems that have special configurations, as well as in older versions of Windows 10, File Explorer might be unable to display thumbnails for some media files.

File Explorer is a “Graphical User Interface” which is mostly known as GUI among IT Professionals. GUIis an interface that everything looks smooth. If you use the core Windows Operating System, you will not be able to see the File Explorer by default. You have to bring it by Command Prompt or CMD. Here, we are going to show you, how to change Windows 10 File Explorer default view?


Change Windows 10 File Explorer Default View

Whenever you open up the File Explorer on Windows 10 so you will see the default view. Windows 10 File Explorer default View is like this that when you open, it will show you the “Frequent Folder” with “Recent Folder”. The picture, movies, documents, and other materials that you have opened them will be shown to you. In Windows 8 this feature was not developed on the other hand it has improved in Windows 10. Recent File will help to have quick access to the files which you have recently used them. There may be some users that don’t like while opening the file explorer they see the recent files.

They prefer to have quick access to the Drives and Folders, not to the recent files. For this task, we are here to help you how to change the default view of file explorer in Windows 10.

Change File Explorer View

You can change the File Explorer view in three miscellaneous ways.

Change preview program windows explorer windows 10

Control Panel Method

Go to Control Panel> File Explorer Options. A new window will pop up, and you can change the view from “Quick Access” to “This PC”. Now when you open up Windows 10 File Explorer, you will not see the recent files and folders.

Change File Explorer from Quick Access to This PC

Folder Option Method

First you have to open the File Explorer then go to view tab. From the right-hand side, click on Folder Option. Again, you will see the same windows that you will be able to change the default view from here as well.

Quick Access Method

Paint tool sai download tumblr. The easiest way and quick way is this method. Just open up the Windows 10 File Explorer then scroll up till you get Quick Access. Right-click on the Quick Access then choose Options.

Quick Access Method

Windows Explorer Preview Pane


From every way you go, you will see the same first screenshot which I have used in this article. Just change it to This PC.

Preview files windows 10 explorer

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