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Sound chip:QSound
System:CP System Dash
Composers:Isao AbeYoko Shimomura
Release date: 1993-04-22

The Punisher Video Game Download

The game was released in 1993 by Capcom. The task of the hero is to kill the greatest criminal kingpin and destroy his company. On this game I just love that every level has the greatest villain in the end, which you have to deal with it. The Punisher has practically everything you can find about your enemies. Download The Punisher (World 930422) ROM for Capcom Play System / CPS. The Punisher (World 930422) game is available to play online and download for free only at Romsget. Unit3 agendasmrs. colville's math class. The Punisher (World 930422) ROM for Capcom Play System download requires a emulator to play the game offline. The Punisher (World 930422) is English (USA) varient and is the.

Capcom punisher download freePunisherMarvel vs capcom pc download
01.Player Select0:10 + 0:08
02.Crime Hunter (Stage 1)0:58 + 0:53
03.Iron Golem -Enter the Guardroid- (Boss Entrance)0:25 + 0:22
04.Boss 10:31 + 0:29
05.Stage Clear0:06
06.Stage 2 Start Demo (Pool)0:06 + 0:06
07.Castle Pantaberde (Stage 2)0:56 + 0:50
08.Shock! (Unused BGM)0:21 + 0:09
09.Stage 3 Start Demo (Harbor)0:04 + 0:03
10.Seaside Trap (Stage 3)1:03 + 1:02
11.Stage 4 Start Demo (Gigantic Cave)0:06 + 0:05
12.Runaway Train -Gigantic Cave- (Stage 4)0:28 + 0:19
13.Bonus Stage0:45 + 0:30
14.Boss 2 (Archenemy)0:16 + 0:10
15.Stage 5 Start Demo (Hideout)0:15 + 0:06
16.Revenger -Theme of Vengeance- (Stage 5)0:53 + 0:40
17.Stage 6 Start Demo (King Building)0:07 + 0:01
18.King Building Infiltration (Stage 6-1)1:12 + 1:07
19.Elevator (Stage 6-2)1:10 + 0:57
20.Endless Corridor (Stage 6-3)1:11 + 1:00
21.Bruno Costa (Last Boss Entrance)0:38 + 0:24
22.Last Boss (Kingpin)0:34 + 0:28
23.Last Stage Clear0:08
24.Ending Theme1:34 + 1:23
25.Continue (The Punisher)0:28 + 0:28
26.Continue (Nick Fury)0:16 + 0:13
27.Game Over0:07
28.Unused BGM 20:04 + 0:03
29.Unused BGM 31:18 + 1:00
30.Unused BGM 40:28
31.Unused BGM 50:05
Total:16:27 + 12:44

Capcom Punisher Download Free

1.002013-01-08The Golden HorseInitial release.
1.012014-05-11The Golden HorseFixed the placement of track 12's track times in this text file's track list.
1.102018-05-19The Golden HorseReoptimized VGMs; retrimmed Stage 2's theme; retranslated some titles; rearranged unused songs by Sound ID; corrected a mislabeled song; corrected the gain (the soundtrack is now louder).

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