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How Do You use C4. Equip your C4 by pressing Left. For people who don't know Captain John Price was in the heroic series of the modern warfare 1,2,3.His best friend Captain John 'Soap' McTavish were buddies through every call of duty. Sadly in Modern Warfare 3 Soap dies in mission 13 Blood Brothers. Got my 15 kills with it to get the C4. Just as it usually does in Call of Duty, C4 needs to be manually detonated and not just thrown around. While it can be exploded by shooting it, the best thing to do is detonate them one at at time.

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The C4 is one of the most versatile explosives in Call of Duty: Warzone. The throwable charges can take out enemies behind cover, squads trying to escape in a vehicle, or downed opponents from a distance. One Warzone player showed just how effective C4 is by wiping three full teams.

The Warzone player noticed an enemy vehicle approaching them on their mini map and prepared an ambush. The player threw a C4 charge as the vehicle passed by and was able to eliminate the entire team. The player looted their bodies and continued to move forward with their teammates.

Keyboard shortcut for strikethrough mac. A few seconds later the player noticed another enemy vehicle on their mini map and decided to follow the team. They climbed a nearby hill in preparation for the enemy team, who were on the road below. The player threw another C4 charge and secured their second team wipe of the game.

The rampage was not over, however, and the player restocked on C4 from their second victim’s bodies. The player noticed a third vehicle on their mini map, but this team was a helicopter flying above.


The helicopter was flying low which meant the player could reach the vehicle with a C4 satchel. The player eliminated the team in the helicopter with a well-placed C4 charge and completed their hat trick of team wipes.

C4 in Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the best throwable items in the game as you can cause a lot of damage because of it. If you want to know how to throw the C4 really far in Call of Duty: Warzone, you will have to read up the rest of this article.


How To Throw C4 Explosive Far In Call of Duty Warzone

We all have succumbed to the C4 in Call of Duty: Warzone when they are placed in hidden places we often forget to look, but not a lot of people know that the C4 can be thrown far away in the game as well.

There is a trick to it and we’ll try to make sure that you can master this trick easily and within minutes. To make sure that you get your C4 far away you will need to get your angles perfect.

First, make sure that you get an enemy in position so that the C4 that you throw does damage to your opponents. Make sure that there’s enough distance you and the opponent that the C4 doesn’t inflict damage upon you.


Now all you have to do is angle your C4 at a 45-degree angle. Do this while running at the target and jumping in the air. This should come up to about twice the height of your opponent, this will take a couple of tries but with it, you soon will be able to get confirmed kills.

You can even do this trick while you’re being chased by a car or other vehicle, C4 will immediately blow up any vehicle or enemy without giving them any time to retaliate back.


C4 is especially necessary when you’re pinned down by a squad and you do not have any means to escape. To use c4 all you have to do is hold it and then release R1 on your PS4 to release it. You can also make it explode exactly when you want to by press double-tapping Square on PS4, X one Xbox One and G on PC.

Modern Warfare C4

This will give you a successful long throw with the C4 and you will be able to cause a lot more damage than just spraying your opponents with a magazine full of bullets.

C4 Call Of Duty

This is all there is to know about how to throw your C4 far in Call of Duty Warzone.