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Bowman is an archery game where you and an opponent take shots at each other. You win when you’ve hit the opponent fatally. It can take a few arrows. Bowman can be played against the computer or via local multiplayer. Great game I agree with some of the comments about possible additions to the games update but I loved how difficult some of the achievements were. Also I was finally able to figure out the secret to chaining. In the split second identify if the letter is capital or lowercase and then mash all the buttons at once save for X and C. Sports Games Loads Of Cool Games: Bowman. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.



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Press Z to open Liara's mouth. Press C to close her mouth, and press X to swallow. While her mouth is open, you can press the shown key to have a guy shoot his load into Liara's mouth. The key changes with every shot, and the key is case-sensitive. Hold down shift to hit uppercase letters.

When you press a key to perform a command, a blue box will show up next to the command. That blue box means the control is 'queued,' and once the current animation ends, it will play.

There are 26 achievements in the game. Some of them are really easy, some of them you may find difficult, and some of them are very unconventional and you may find difficult to figure out how to unlock. Achievements will not tell you how to unlock them until after you have already done so. Try to unlock all 26 achievements!

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The game saves progress onto your computer's hard drive. Press 'New Game' to start fresh.

If you're interested in:
1.) Any of my other Rule34 works
2.) Downloading an offline version of the game
3.) Downloading the full Source for the game Quicktime free download mac.

Then feel free to head over to my Tumblr, at LordAardvarkSFM.Tumblr.Com!

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  • Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure is new forest adventure/escape game created by Ainars. Explore winter forest location and solve puzzles to obtain 30 magical snowflakes. Good luck and have fun! Play Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure 102135
  • Laqueus Chapter 4 (Smartcode) The 4th episode of this game.PLAY102134Edit: First you need to get a yellow block from the upstairs. Then go down and you'll need the wheel and place it in different spots and then solve the puzzle connected to that to move the yellow block ea
  • Snowy Hills (Amajeto) A new one from Amajeto that's a little different ! Play Here
  • Challenge to Escape 127 : Room with Kagami Mochi (TomoLaSiDo) new TomoLaSiDo tomoLaSiDo -???????#127 mainly logical (code for I was able to finish :silly:)
  • N1 Puzzle Room Escape N1 Puzzle Room Escape is first room escape game created by Nina and Ainars. Investigate each location of the room and solve puzzles to obtain exit key. Good luck and have fun! Play N1 Puzzle Room Escape 102130
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  • gotmail micro escape 18 hope it's longer than it took to post!! it wasn't!
  • Whale Room (Migulia) A nice room with a whale in it? Strange but true in this escape room from Migulia.Edit: Oh rats!! I thought I did a search but I probably misspelled something :rolleyes: Anyway, Andrea already posted this game. Sorry :clown:102124
  • neat escape - from attic haven't played yet- but i guess the object is to escape the attic!!
  • Reoda Chapter 9 Reoda Chapter 9 has been released reoda9 and as usual I'm going to need help :confused3
  • Whale Room (Migilua) Seems interesting and logical so far, working on the safe right now.PlayEdit: out. Short and easy, just the place to use the screwdriver may be hard to see under the lid of the green box
  • creepy dream escape sd this is not showing on the search, but if it's been posted before i'm sorry!!
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  • Alternate Visions My friend's new riddle. A very good riddle to play. Currently Temp End on Level 20.

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05-11-2006, 06:41 PM Bowman 2 (Bow Man 2)
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Dazed (Monkey of the Week)
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Yay! Another Bow Man.
A bit tougher than the last and with more games, Bow Man 2 is a step up from that great time-waster, Bow Man!
Play Here or to avoid the myriads of pop-ups play Here

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