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Podcasts ; Society & Culture ; KCRW's Welcome to LA From KCRW. Los Angeles is a city carved out of the desert – a conjured image of paradise. These are the stories of. The How She Did That Podcast: A place for Virtual Support Pros to grow & learn together. At the center of this lust is the female voice, turned fetish in the 1980’s films Diva and Blow Out.Whether screaming in terror, singing the heights of the sublime, or confessing the depths of a passionate hatred, both movies construct women as emotive objects to be recorded, often against their will, and the recordists in these films clamor for and are repelled by the female sounds they.

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PodcastBoothsthe Conversation Podcast!

our mobile podcast booths reduce the room noise level for podcasters, vloggers, and content creators to produce quality audio content in a quiet area. The level of sound reduction varies depending of where the booth is installed, the height of the ceiling, how close it is to the wall, the type of flooring, size of the room. Our podcast booths have four walls and a roof to optimize audio within the booth in the noisy areas of convention centers, hotels and other event spaces. The booths come with audio podcast kits, and are built for mobility, function, and style.


the standard booths have windows on the front and partial windows on the side. Configurations with more windows, or no windows are available.

Boothsthe Conversation Podcast!

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we provide local rentals in New York City, and deliver nationwide. Worldwide full service podcast booth rentals are offered for trade shows, exhibits, conventions, conferences, and other events. The podcast booth is fully portable. Delivery and on-site assembly is possible without the use of an elevator. The booths stand on your existing floor.