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Best Serials 2017

This is a list of animated television series first aired in 2017. Windows turning dmg to usb bootable.

Best Serials 2017
Animated television series to air first in 2017
TitleSeasonsEpisodesCountryYearOriginal channelTechnique
3 Amigonauts26Canada2017YTVFlash
As Aventuras de Fujiwara Manchester13Brazil2017TV CulturaCGI
Angry Birds Blues30Finland2017Toons.TVCGI
Apollo Gauntlet6United States2017Adult SwimTraditional
Balloon Barnyard26Australia2017Disney JuniorCGI
Belle and Sebastian52Canada, France2017–presentIci Radio-Canada Télé, M6 (TV channel)Flash
Ben 10 (2016)120United States2017–presentCartoon NetworkTraditional
Big Hero 6: The Series40United States2017–presentDisney XD, Disney ChannelTraditional
Big Mouth30United States2017–presentNetflixTraditional/Flash
Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer13United States2017Disney XDTraditional
Bunsen Is a Beast26United States2017–18NickelodeonFlash
Castlevania12United States2017–presentNetflixTraditional
Chuck's Choice220Canada2017–presentYTV, Nat Geo KidsFlash
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs2104Canada, United States2017–18Cartoon Network, YTVFlash
Danger & Eggs13United States2017Amazon VideoTraditional
Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!52Britain2017–presentCBBCCGI
Doodlebugs6Britain2017–18BBC OneFlash
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz40United States2017–presentBoomerangFlash
DuckTales (2017)52United States2017–presentDisney ChannelTraditional
Furiki Wheels52France2017-presentDisney XD, Nat Geo KidsFlash
Freedom Fighters: The Ray6United States2017–presentCW SeedTraditional
Gattu BattuIndia2017–presentNickelodeon Sonic,RishteyCGI
Hanazuki: Full of Treasures40United States2017–19YouTube (Hasbro)Flash
Hotel Transylvania: The Series52Canada, United States2017–2020Disney Channel, TeletoonToonBoom Harmony
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie33United States2017–presentAmazon VideoFlash
Jeff & Some Aliens10United States2017Comedy CentralTraditional
Kody Kapow26Canada, United States2017–presentSprout, Nat Geo KidsCGI
Lazoo26Canada2017–presentCBC KidsFlash
Little J & Big Cuz26Australia2017–presentNITVTraditional
Legend Quest26Mexico2017–presentNetflix, YTVFlash
Lego Elves8Denmark, United States2017–presentNetflixTraditional
Lost In Oz226United States2017–presentAmazon Prime Video, Discovery Kids (Latin America)CGI
Massive Monster Mayhem10Canada2017–18NicktoonsCGI/Live-action
Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures65United States2017–presentDisney JuniorCGI
Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus21United States2017–18CinemaxTraditional
Mundo Ripilica26Brazil2017Discovery KidsCGI
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls3Canada, United States2017Discovery FamilyFlash
Mysticons40Canada, United States2017–18Nickelodeon, YTV, NicktoonsToonBoom Harmony
Nella the Princess Knight252Ireland, Britain, United States2017–presentNick Jr.Flash/Toon Boom
Niko and the Sword of Light23United States2017–19Amazon VideoFlash
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes112United States2017–19Cartoon NetworkTraditional
Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate26Canada2017–presentCBC KidsFlash
Oswaldo226Brazil2017–presentCartoon Network Brazil
TV Cultura
Pat the Dog78Belgium, France, Italy2017–presentLa Trois, Discovery KidsCGI
Planetorama13Brazil2017TV CulturaFlash
Puppy Dog Pals65United States2017–presentDisney JuniorCGI
Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure52United States2017–20Disney ChannelToonBoom Harmony
Spider-Man (2017)52United States2017–presentDisney XDTraditional/Flash
Spirit Riding Free52United States2017–presentNetflixCGI
Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters23United States2017–18NetflixTraditional
Sunny Day40Canada, Britain2017–presentNick Jr.Flash
Super Monsters10Canada, United States2017–presentNetflixCGI
Tarzan and Jane8Canada, United States2017NetflixCGI
Tarantula10United States2017TBSTraditional
Tender Touches15United States2017–presentAdult SwimTraditional
The Magic School Bus Rides Again13Canada, United States2017–18NetflixFlash
Top Wing40Canada2017–presentNick Jr.CGI
True and the Rainbow Kingdom310Canada2017–presentNetflixCGI
Trulli Tales52Canada, France, Italy2017–2019Disney JuniorFlash
The Jellies!20United States2017–presentAdult SwimFlash
The Ollie & Moon Show51France2017–presentSprout, Universal Kids, Discovery KidsFlash
The Studio K Show13Canada2017–presentCBC KidsTraditional
Unikitty270Denmark, United States2017–20Cartoon NetworkFlash
VeggieTales in the City26United States2017NetflixCGI
Vampirina239Ireland, United States2017–presentDisney JuniorCGI
Wacky Races65United States2017–19BoomerangTraditional
Wandering Wenda26Canada2017–presentCBC KidsFlash
Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong26Australia, Canada2017TeletoonFlash
Wishfart20Canada2017–18TeletoonToonBoom Harmony
We're Lalaloopsy13United States2017NetflixFlash
Welcome to the Wayne30United States2017–19NickelodeonFlash
Best Serials 2017

Best Pakistani Serials 2017

Best TV Shows of 2017 by rkerver-1 created - 05 Jan 2017 updated - 21 Dec 2017 Public as with the 2016 list, progressively refined listing of the best TV. 2017–18 Cartoon Network, YTV Flash Danger & Eggs: 13 United States 2017 Amazon Video Traditional Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! 52 Britain 2017–present CBBC CGI Doodlebugs: 6 Britain 2017–18 BBC One Flash Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: 40: United States 2017–present Boomerang Flash DuckTales (2017) 52: United States 2017–present Disney. Top 10 Indian TV Serials of 2017! As the year 2017 is almost over and we are heading towards a new year which we wish will bring lots of peace and happiness to the world, we take a look at Top 10 Indian TV Serials of 2017 which entertained us throughout the year and we hope they will keep us entertaining in coming year as well. Never underestimate the power of the wizarding world fan base. Beating out previous Goodreads Choice Award winners Neil Gaiman and Brandon Sanderson, J.K. Rowling wins Best Fantasy with her screenwriting debut, which follows magiczoologist Newt Scamander as he loses more than one of his mischievous, magical creatures in 1920s-era New York City.

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