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Are you looking for great sounding tubular bells sample libraries for your music composer toolkit?


  1. Bells Vst Plugin Free Download
  2. Trap Bells Vst Free Download

Is a virtual studio instrument (vst) designed for versatility. TDJ Audio's Medicine Bell has proven to be interesting and captivating across a wide range of notes. Bell Emotions Samples -Hymov Loops: Price: Free: Meet the 'bell emotions samples' it's an exiting essential collectioncontains 83 samples in Wav formats 32 bit. It'scomes with 3 differentbell sounds. Which each filled with 28 samplesfrom octave c3 up toc6, all running from 120 BPM. Size 30.1 MB / 30.3 MB / 37.6 MB / 37.6 MB Serpo is an extremely simple to use free virtual instrument packed with original sounds recorded by artist from all over the world. TrackGod 2 VST Crack is a good proposition for producers looking for fresh sounds. In case you want to experience it first hand before buying, a free demo version is available. The plug-in runs on Mac and Windows. VST Lover Download Links.

This is my top list of recommendations of tubular bells libraries, as well as percussion libraries that include a great sounding tubular bells:

5 Best Tubular Bells VST Sample Libraries

The Power of Tubular Bells in Music

Tubular Bells have been used in the orchestra for a long time to mimic that golden divine tone of a church bell. The long metallic resonance and sustain of tubular bells has such a majestic and noble vibe, and it excellent to augment important beats in your composition.

PluginsBell Vst Free Download

It does not have a huge range, around 1.5 to 2 octaves, but since it is rarely used for melodic writing, it still works great for augmenting important notes and accents.

Bell Vst Free Download

The main things to consider for a Tubular Bells sample library or VST plugin are:

  • Range (usually 1.5 to 2 octaves)
  • Dynamic Range (velocity layers)
  • Round Robins (variation layers)
  • Microphones (ambience flexibility)
  • Mallets (ex: leather, plastic, sticks, hammer)
  • Extended Articulations (ex: glissandi, brushes, muted)

Bells Vst Plugin Free Download


Trap Bells Vst Free Download

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