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AZ‘s debut album. Release date: October 10, 1995. Doe or Die is the debut studio album by rapper AZ, released October 10, 1995 on EMI Records. The album features guest appearances by artists such as Nas and Miss Jones, and production from Pete Rock, L.E.S., and Buckwild, among others. Upon release, Doe or Die received notable. 1) Select a file to send by clicking the 'Browse' button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send. The maximum file size is 500 MB.

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It has been more than seven years since Brooklyn, New York MC AZ has released an official album. In 2010, the co-founder of The Firm dropped a special 15th anniversary homage to his debut Doe Or Die. In that time, the Quiet Money lyricist has vowed that like peers Nas, Raekwon, and Capone-N-Noreaga, he would create a sequel to what many fans believe is his finest work.

This month, Tha Visualiza appeared on The Combat Jack Show for a second time in his career. There, he spoke about the significant music he is presently recording. “I just want to complete the cypher, and put [Doe Or Die 2] out,” AZ says at 1:02:00. “After this, I’m done, as far as with music.” Combat Jack inquires further; S.O.S.A. explains, “The sonics [of Hip-Hop] are changing. Times is changing. I want to do this for myself at the end of the day, and for my core audience, just to put Doe Or Die 2 out; I’ve been sayin’ it for a while. It’s not, it’s just the business behind it [that is causing the delays], and how I want to attack it. That’s [why]. But right now I’m gettin’ ready to pull the trigger, just let it out as long as everything come into play with everything else I’m doin’ that will help catapult it to where I want it to go.” As far as the specifics of the hold-ups, AZ attributes the nearly six-year delay to business. “It’s samples, it’s licensing, it’s just getting the right distribution.” Combat presses as to when fans may have their first new title since 2009’s Legendary. “Before this year is out, I’m puttin’ something out. Put it like that,” AZ says. Asked to spit a verse or reveal a feature, the MC refuses. “No fruit before its time.”

Less than one year ago, AZ confirmed DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Buckwild would be producing on the album. Throughout his career, AZ was nominated for a Grammy, thanks to “The Essence” with Nas. While The Firm’s album would reach platinum, AZ’s career has one plaque, a gold certification for “Sugar Hill.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the MC describes the 1990s bidding war between Sony Records and EMI Records, as he reunited with an EMI executive who changed his career. He also discusses why “Life’s A Bitch” not being included in the leak of Nas’ Illmatic increased interest in him, the LP’s lone vocal guest. Notably, Doe Or Die’s first week sales were greater than those of Illmatic. The rapper also talks about early mentorship from Stetsasonic’s Daddy-O, Pete Rock, and Heavy D.

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AZ adds that he is currently finalizing a sneaker partnership, and plans on introducing a champagne label.

#BonusBeat: AZ also discusses Wild Style‘s influence, and this Sprite commercial made during The Firm’s album’s recording: Happy new year 2018 for mac freeselfieparadise 2017.

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