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About Cornerstone Architectural Products

Mar 23, 2015 - Free seamless textures for use primarily in 3D architectural rendering or visualisation. For over 45 years, Eldorado Stone has been refining the art of architectural stone veneer. When you set your eyes on Eldorado Stone, it looks authentic, natural and–most of all–believable. Take a closer look at Eldorado Stone and you’ll see the difference: unmatched depth and variation of.

Cornerstone Architectural Products, LLC. is located in Standish, Maine, and has been in the architectural precast business for over 20 years. With professional mold makers and artists on site our custom pieces are created from drawings or photographs with a keen eye for detail.

Our company’s number one priority is manufacturing products of superior quality that have the look and feel of natural cut stone. We have designed, manufactured and installed custom pieces for residential and commercial projects throughout the United States.

  • Installation Drawings. Installation drawings aid in the architectural specification of Erth natural stone products. Whether you are looking for floor or wall stones for a kitchen remodel, interior or exterior stones for house remodeling, or bathroom stones for a bathroom remodel, Erth not only has the natural stone products you’re looking for, we have the detailed drawings you need to ensure.
  • For over 50 years, Eldorado Stone has demonstrated an undeniable passion for creating authentic products that not only elevate quality and design, but also attainability. 1370 Grand Avenue, Building B, San Marcos, CA 92078, USA Call 800-925-1491.
Architectural Stone Veneer Install Download Free

With our state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we are able to perform jobs of all sizes. Cornerstone Architectural Products welcomes the opportunity to bid on your future projects, whether it is a residential, commercial or restoration project, we can facilitate all of your architectural cast stone requirements.

Designed to be Beautiful.
Engineered to be Smart.

Cornerstone Architectural Products’ goal was to engineer stone veneers and trims that would be second to none in both artistry and integrity. We succeeded. During the designing of New England Veneer Stone®, our design team worked closely with scientists from Poraver®, an international manufacturer of post-consumer recycled glass. We utilized their lightweight aggregate in our mix formula to improve strength, thermal efficiency, acoustic performance, and freeze-thaw resistance – all while keeping our manufacturing process environmentally friendly.

A finish sealer is applied to the veneer to further enhance the durability of the stone by helping prevent efflorescence and making it resistant to mold, salt and UV rays.

These proprietary techniques enable us to provide a thicker, stronger veneer that adheres to the ASTM standards C1364 for architectural cast stone and C1670 for architectural thin stone veneer.

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Our Team

Matthew Vandemark, COO
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Dylan Vandemark, VP of Product Development
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NATURAL STONE SOLUTIONS ™ has made the following PDF Downloads available to you. Natural Stone wall applications with thin stone veneer. They will assist Architects, Designers, Builders and Masons in understanding and using Natural Stone Solutions™ products.

Architectural Stone Veneer Install Download Free Windows 10

Architectural Stone Veneer Install Download Free

To view PDF files, the Adobe Acrobat™ Reader software is required. If you do not already have this software installed, it is available for you to download for free at the Adobe website.

For information on installing Thin Veneers, download our installation guide.

DOWNLOAD NSS Installation Guide (PDF)

DOWNLOAD NSS Instalación Guía (PDF) (In Spanish)

CAD drawings for Thin Veneer

NSS Natural Stone Veneer Edge Horizontal (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer Edge Vertical (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer @ Grade (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer @ Jamb [1] (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer @ Jamb [2] (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer Over Masonary (Concrete Similar) [1] (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer Over Masonary (Concrete Similar) [2] (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer Over Sheathing (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer @ Sill (PDF)

NSS Natural Stone Veneer @ Cut Stone Head (PDF)

Install Stone Veneer Over Brick

NSS Natural Stone Veneer @ Over Wood Frame (PDF)

Architectural Stone Veneer Install Download Free Version

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Architectural Stone Veneer Install Download Free

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