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This is just a quick, simple tip.
If it takes forever to scan plugins every time you open Live (due to certain poorly-coded plugins taking longer than others and bottlenecking the process), you can set it up to skip plugin scan. Keep in mind that if you do this, you’ll want to perform a manual scan (from preferences) any time you install or update any new VST plugins.

  1. Free Plugins For Ableton Live 9
  2. Ableton Live Download 9

How to do it?
Add “-NoVstStartupScan” to your options.txt file

  • Free Mastering Racks for Ableton Live 9. Mastering is a tricky process and it takes many years of training to become a good mastering engineer. And unfortunately there are no golden presets or plugins, every track is different and requires different tools.
  • Ableton Live 10 is my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of choice. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and offers a nice workflow. Since the program allows you to transfer your project files to other producers, there are plenty of free Ableton templates available.

But how to do that?
To familiarize yourself with Ableton’s options.txt, i will point you towards’s awesome article and series of videos on the topic.

Free Plugins For Ableton Live 9

That’s it! Live will no longer do a scan every time it opens.


Ableton Live Download 9

Free plugins for ableton live 9Ableton live download 9

Ableton Live is more than just a DAW: it’s a creative production instrument. Music makers love its flexible workflow and the lightning-fast ability to turn ideas into musical reality. Although Ableton comes with a selection of stock effects, you can enhance your sound by adding unique plugins that Ableton does not provide in its stock selection. Similarly, Ableton 9 and below are 32-bit only and will not display 64-bit software. Operating System: Check the specifications of the products you've installed and make sure your Operating System is listed as supported. Location: VST plug-ins may stop working when the standalone application of the plug-in gets moved, renamed or uninstalled.

Ever since i applied this option, the stupidly vast size of my plugin collection doesn’t adversely affect my workflow. Live startup time is way snappier. When i occasionally buy or grab a free plugin, i just run a scan after installing it. Every once in a while you might have to do a “deep” scan (hold alt while clicking the scan button) if something doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to.
Note that from Live 10.1 onward, the plugin rescan button is located in the new dedicated plug-ins tab in Live’s preferences, rather than under file/folder, as previously.

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Hopefully this nifty tip is inapplicable to you, as that means your plugin scan is not bloated. However, for those of you that are having issues with slow startup of Ableton Live (or in case it eventually becomes an issue) this may be a viable solution.