99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual

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  1. 99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual For Sale
  2. 1999 Kia Sportage Repair Manual Pdf
  3. 99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual
  4. 99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual
  5. 99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual Pdf Download
  6. 99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual Pdf
Get detailed instructions, illustrations, wiring schematics, diagnostic codes & more for your 1999 Kia Sportage
Service & repair instructions specific to your 1999 Kia Sportage.
See how parts fit together so you can repair or replace it.
Step by step procedures for testing and repairing problems.
Detailed information on circuit paths, splice locations & more.
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99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual For Sale

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1999 Kia Sportage Repair Manual Pdf

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99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual

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99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual

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Third generation SL (2010–2016) / Kia Sportage SL Service & Repair Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Intake And Exhaust System / Intake Manifold: Repair procedures
Removal and Installation
99 kia sportage repair manual pdf download99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual
Disconnect the battery negative terminal (A).
4.0 ~ 6.0N.m (0.4 ~ 0.6kgf.m, 3.0 ~ 4.4lb-ft)
Remove the air duct (A).
Disconnect the breather hose (B), the recirculation hose (C) and brake booster vacuum hose (D).
Disconnect the air intake hose (E) and then remove the air cleaner assembly (F).
Hose clamp bolt:
Air cleaner assembly bolts:
Disconnect the recirculation valve connector (A) and the vacuum hose (B), and then remove the intercooner inlet pipe & hose assembly (C).
Hose clamp bolt :
Pipe mounting bolt:
14.7 ~ 19.6 N.m (1.5 ~ 2.0 kgf.m, 10.8 ~ 14.5 lb-ft)

99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual

Disconnect the boost pressure sensor connector (A) and then remove the intercooler outlet pipe & hose assembly (B).
4.9 ~ 6.9 N.m (0.5 ~ 0.7 kgf.m, 3.6 ~ 5.1 lb-ft)
Tightening torque :
Loosen the drain plug, and drain the engine coolant. Remove the radiator cap to drain with speed. (Refer to Cooling system in this group)
Disconnect the PCV hose (A), the intake OCV (Oil control valve) connector (B) and the OTS (Oil temperature sensor) connector (C).
Disconnect the A/C compressor switch connector (A), the alternator connector (B), the OPS (Oil pressure switch) connector & injector extension connector (C), the knock sensor connector (D), the MAPS (Manifold absolute pressure sensor) & IATS (Intake air temperature sensor) connector (E), the ETC (Electronic throttle control) connector (F) and the vacuum pump connector (G).

99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual Pdf Download

Remove the oil level gauge (A).

99 Kia Sportage Repair Manual Pdf

Tightening torque :
Remove the intake manifold (A) after disconnecting the vacuum hoses.
18.6 ~ 23.5N.m (1.9 ~ 2.4kgf.m, 13.7 ~ 17.4lb-ft)
When installing the intake manifold, tighten the bolts and nuts with pre-torque first, and then tighten the bolts and nuts with specified torque in the sequence shown.
Intake Manifold: Components and Components Location
Components 1. Intake manifold assembly 2. Electronic throttle body3. Intake manifold stay4. Intake manifold gasket ..
Exhaust Manifold: Components and Components Location
Components 1. Hear protector2. EWGA(Electric Waste Gate Actuator)3. C-ring4. Turbo manifold module5. Turbocharger stay6. Trubo adapter gasket7. Turbo adapter8. Turbo adapter heat protector9. Oil ..
Other Information:

Seat belt warning (for front passenger’s seat)
As a reminder to the front passenger, the front passenger's seat belt warning light will blink for approximately 6 seconds each time you turn the ignition switch ON regardless of belt fasten ..

Mhw crossbowgun dmg is low. Front headrest
The driver's and front passenger's seats are equipped with a headrest for the occupant's safety and comfort. The headrest not only provides comfort for the driver and front passenger, ..