Set accents in the garden with hydrangeas

Elegant accents in the front garden design from the hydrangeas

Beautiful and admirable, gentle and elegant – these are the adjectives used to describe the hydrangeas fit. These beautiful garden flowers enchant us with different pastel nuances in which they can be experienced. We offer you more information about these beautiful flowers, which appear in their most beautiful form during the summer. You will also learn basic information about how to best care for these garden flowers.

Hydrangeas are gentle and stylish garden décor

The home of the hydrangeas is Japan and they came to Europe and conquered the French court culture. In Japanese, the name of this garden plant means “sunny violet flower”. Today we know about the 80 different hydrangea varieties. The most common among these is the garden hydrangea, which is characterized by its large magnificent flowers.

The decorative varieties show many different nuances. In nature, only white and red exist hydrangeas , But you can also get on your own other shades. For this purpose, you must control the acidity of the soil. Today you have the opportunity to buy special soil. On the packaging then it stands, which result you can achieve with it.

Bring a fresh touch to the garden through beautiful hydrangeas

To get the color you want, put the hydrangeas where the earth dries slowly. The acid content should be low or medium high.

Larger areas with hydrangeas cover

It is quite possible to use a larger area this garden flower cover. This is done by positioning them at a distance of 1 ½ to 2 meters from each other. The plants will naturally fill the space in between .

The hydrangeas are moisture-loving garden flowers. It is best to use stagnant water. In it you can dissolve a few drops of lemon juice and add other natural fertilizers. Also, just pour the earth around the plants, not the sticks, flowers and leaves of the flowers.

Make for an elegant front yard design

The hydrangeas and the garden design

Traditionally, the hydrangea is considered a garden flower for which even in the southern countries sometimes the climate is not warm and at the same time moist enough. Through certain selections from the 30s of the last century, it can also grow and thrive in the gardens of Europe. But you have to choose the right varieties.

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