Geranium – lasting beauty for garden and balcony

If you drive through Germany in the summer months, you will be impressed by the colorful natural beauty of countless gardens and balconies. Geraniums in different flower colors and forms decorate the outdoor areas nationwide. Its natural charm can be enjoyed for a long time, from May to the end of September. It becomes very clear that the Germans rely on the classics and really know how to cultivate their favorite garden and balcony flowers. The geraniums are undoubtedly the number one favorite when it comes to beautiful flowers. Its enormous flow of flowers transforms every garden and balcony into a colorful oasis of well-being. They grow in boxes, pots or pots, some varieties could also breed in the bed. If you are a fan of these beautiful flowers, today you can find here many interesting things about the geraniums. We will report on practical tips for their care in the next article. Have you already become curious? Then we start!

Worth knowing about the geraniums
Popularly these colorful garden and balcony plants are called geraniums, but their proper name is called Pelargonium (from the Latin word pelargonium). The magnificent plants are originally from South Africa and botanically belong to the large family of the Cranesbill Family, in Latin Geraniaceae.

The scientific names are derived from the Greek words geranos (crane) and pelargos (stork). The naming refers to known birds and indicates the relationship within the Cranesbill family. Unfortunately it is not known when and how the Pelargonium arrived in Europe, but by the end of the 17th century they were already there. Nowadays they are widespread in the Mediterranean, but they can also hibernate well with us. There are more than 250 different varieties, including new varieties. The well-represented varieties in Germany are divided into three groups: hanging geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum), upright species (Pelargonium zonal) and the scented pelargonium.

The geraniums belong to the large family of the cranesbill family

All geraniums enchant with their beautiful flowers in different, strong colors. You can see these real natural beauties in white, pink, blood and maroon or violet. They delight the eye and refresh mind and soul. Its flowering period lasts for months – from May to the first frost in late autumn. This is still a good reason to admire all the flowers and natural beauty of the Pelargonium all summer long. The pelargonium grows quickly and bushily, forming long shoots, usually between 25 to 40 cm. Only the hanging geraniums form very long shoots that reach 150 cm. But this is how they bring out their flower splendor and their flower cascades enchant the passers-by.

Our tip: Pelargoniums are beautiful and harmless to humans. But they are poisonous for some animals! For example, you must keep rabbits, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs away from these flowers!

As I said earlier, we report in another article Care tips for geraniums , Here we want to go into more reasons for their use in the garden or on the balcony. Argument one would be for many garden lovers the beauty of these flowers. No doubt they can transform any outdoor area into a colorful sea of ​​flowers. On the balcony they decorate large flower boxes and attract many looks. On the terrace, the geraniums are usually cared for in large containers, but the traffic lights with these colorful flowers always steal the show. If you want to beautify your outdoor seating, then you know just what balcony and garden flowers you can put on.

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