Modern landscaping design for your yard

Modern landscaping design

Maybe there are gray gravel, stepping stones and modern planters in your yard, but the modern look is missing. We have some tips for you today on how you can achieve modern open space design.

Entertain in clearly defined zones

A cornerstone of the modern landscape is that the zones are clearly defined.

The geometry makes the garden unique and natural. It is also important to make the garden interesting. Here we see pictures of a magnificent contemporary garden designed by D • Crain , Note the rectangular figures with gravel that create a stepping stone effect.

Gravel and grass define a contemporary garden

How many separate zones can you make? In this example, there is everything: a swimming pool, water system, covered porch, modern planters and abundant flowerbeds with native grasses. A perfect design!

Clearly defined zones in a modern landscape

In this picture we can see that the ground vegetation serves for the separation of the support zones, for example the pond next to the swimming pool. Gravel, tiles, grass, water and lush plants are combined in an ideally planned landscape:

Gravel, stone and grass in a modern yard

In addition to the expansive green lawn, the yard also has a pond with drainpipe. Note the decorative elements used in this space – concrete paths to the grass and bushes along the fence. The result: a segmented but unified space

Water system in a modern yard

Another separate zone is the seat with the fireplace. Do not forget the impression that a clearly defined porch can bring.

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