Native plants for your garden

How to find suitable native plants for your garden

One can argue that the interest for the native plant species increases among the gardeners every day. The same can be observed with the landscape designers and nurseries.

The advantages of the selection native plants are very many.

The wildlife is spreading much more intense. For example, it supports the presence of the pollinating insects that feed the birds. The native plant species Also support the drainage and cleaning, as well as the fertility of the soil.

Why the native plant species do your garden good

The native plants get along very well with the local climate. It is even better if the seeds are also of native origin. You should not neglect this aspect and be very well informed. The native plants provide a strong connection to the surrounding environment and deepen our knowledge of local conditions.

Below I will list some sources that can be a guide for you, looking for suitable ones native plants from your region.

1. Plant schools, experimental fields of universities, landscape markets

Probably the plant school will be the first place where you will look for seeds. If you shop locally, you will also contribute to the development of the local business. If you are lucky, these businesses also deliberately and responsibly deal with local cultural heritage.

Some universities that devote themselves to the development of agriculture often also have areas where students can gain practical experience with the plants. There you will certainly get plenty of useful information in addition to the plants themselves.

2. The Xeres company

It is a non-profit discussion group that works to support the invertebrate creatures and offspring of wildlife in general. You have made an online map on which you can click. When you press on your region, you will see a list with the native plants get to see from your region. You will also find many instructions on how to keep these plants.

3. Pollinator Partnership

It is the main sponsor of the annual National Pollinator Week theme fair. This organization allows you to enter your ZIP code and print out a PDF document containing the information that you can then use in your practice.

In the picture here you can see the Pulsatilla (Pasque Flower), which comes from the U S A and more specifically from the region of Washington. It is spread south of Nebraska to the region of the Rocky Mountains.

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