Create a unique aerial plant terrarium

We at Freshideen love the air plants

Not only do they make a big difference, but you can also present them in a variety of ways. This can be done wonderfully with the help of bowls and faceted pots. Today we want to introduce you to a specific presentation strategy.

You can also order a range of ready-made terrariums online. Many are also supplied with the aerial plants. Furthermore, they are often decorated super great with other details. [According to Sea & Asters]

Today we will show you some methods how to prepare them yourself. You have to deal with many different options, whether you ordered the accessories at once or this worried yourself from somewhere.

At this point is also the main advantage of the Aerial Terarrium mentioned! Do you know which one that is? Air plants get their nutrients and moisture from the air and you do not need additional substances in the terrarium. As a result, this type of design offers you virtually endless possibilities.

DIY aerial plants terrarium ideas

Let’s start with a selection of such project ideas. At the appropriate place we will mention the necessary accessories. The first example will show us that in this case the simplicity pays off in the grandeur of appearance. One can hardly compare the clear forms within a glass globe with anything else. I love the contrast between the green and the stones. Let’s take a look at Ciera Design’s Ciera project. It includes special rocks and bowls, which the artist has collected on their vacation.

A glass bowl represents the perfect container for this DIY plant project. It was designed by Lauren Donaldson. To spice up golden spray has been used. As a result, the shell has been embellished by a simple geometric shape. Beans serve as a simple alternative to pebbles in this case.

Especially the personal touches make a terrarium unforgettable

The project idea of Air plants terrarium below has served as a special gift. The handmade clay is something the manufacturers should be proud of. The whole gives the vignette a great style.

Do we also want to look at the elements in another terrarium? There is talk of the Mstetson DIY Air Plant Terrarium. It includes white sand, dry craspedia and stones.Let further discuss the topic of accessories

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