Creative garden design with broken planters

Ideas for a creative garden design

Do you fancy a crafting idea with which you could, for example, beautifully spice up your front yard? This is really easy to realize and makes a special first impression.

“Old becomes new” or in this case – something is broken from something original.

Take a look at the following picture gallery, which represents the latest trend in garden design.

Do you have old clay flowerpots? Maybe you also broke some by mistake and then you got really annoyed, right? Free! Now you can keep the damaged or completely broken planters and thus create a creative garden design. Take a look at how you can do it alone at home.

In order to create such a beautiful decoration for your garden, you need a drill or an arrow and a hammer, with which you deliberately destroy the flower pot. Make the clay flowerpot a little wet and get going. Wear safety goggles for your safety. After you have already made the desired hole, fill the planter with potting soil and pot the plant. Most examples here are filled with succulents, whatever you can do. Then add the tube shards and arrange with stones and other little deco items like here in the photo below.

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