Use wood panels to create a vertical garden for your home

A vertical garden made of a wooden panel or a pallet

Do you enjoy cooking for friends and acquaintances on the weekend? Do you have a suitable outdoor area, terrace or veranda?

So you could have it much easier if the spices grow right on your wall. This could be secured by a suitable project.

A wooden panel, some matching pots and frame, through which you will hang the plant containers on the wall, is almost everything you need.

Garden design with wooden panels

In our case, a wooden panel 4x 2 meters has been used. It consists of transverse beams. You could also use wooden pallets instead, which you then combine to form a common panel.

Attach metal flower container to the wall

Raw steel hoes are the next important elements that can be used. With those you can attach the flower container to the vertical wall. These should also be made of metal then. It may also be older items that previously had a different purpose. If these are already outdated for the other application, you could make wonderful flower pots out of it.

Alternatively, you can also get suitable racks for plant containers, which are otherwise attached to the railings.

Arrange the plants to your taste

Now think about the design itself. There you can mix flowers and spices, or just put on the second. Plan the whole thing in terms of color design. You could also group the different plants by color. So you could spice up the wall as well as the benefit through the green background and the bright flowers.

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