Original garden decoration for the summer

Do you need fresh ideas for your garden decoration?

Even taking a short stroll through the allotment gardens, you can get fresh ideas for your garden decoration. There is almost nothing that does not exist. Surely you have also already implemented a lot or invented yourself. Today we still have some creative decoration ideas for your garden in summer.

In this warm, relaxed season almost everything is allowed in colors and shapes. The sun flows through everything around you and gives the surroundings a wonderful, almost magical atmosphere.

Let’s start with the planters. These are by no means intended only for the interiors. Effective flower pots, especially those that you can make yourself, are a valuable addition to your garden decoration. Here you have the choice between conventional planters that you can find on the market and those that you can create yourself. In the second case, the upcycling is very often in question. Used objects of any kind are perfect for your garden decor. From old shoes, cans, bathtubs, wheelbarrows, coffee cups and many other items you can make original flowerpots with very little effort.

Mobile flower pot from old wheelbarrow

Think globally and act locally!

For the ultimate vintage look in the garden or on the patio, you can paint an old metal table or even a sewing machine in a color of your choice. In this way, you will have additional storage space and at the same time introduce a chic decorative detail in your outdoor area.

Combine with wicker furniture and metal lanterns

Garden furniture is another very important element of garden decoration. Besides their practical function, the furniture also plays an aesthetic role. Try unconventional pieces of furniture to create original eye-catchers.

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