Balcony planting – easy-care balcony plants

Balcony planting with seeds

The main winter season is already here. Everything is white and looks a bit devastated in the cold. So now is the perfect time to consider what kind of balcony planting you want to have next season.

If you think it through well, you will have wonderful balcony planting for all three seasons.

Actually, for some varieties is the highest time. Because they have to be planted already in January. So we get to work.

You need this for the balcony planting

First, you would have to sort out the seeds you need. It is best to choose varieties that are of local origin or have proven to destroy your ecosystem. Best of all, these are a specific local variety.

Then you would have to find such plant containers, which you will need well for the planting. Our recommendation here is that you can also use preserving jars. They would reuse commodities in this way.

This will be a truly sustainable planting

Get ground soil in third place. If it is of good quality, then in the long term you will totally or greatly save the removal of weeds. So you will be able to enjoy after the first effort in the balcony planting then only the great results. It’s worth it, right?

Fungicide is by no means compulsory for qualitative planting, but it can be quite useful. If you use it, you will protect your plants due to unpleasant mush attacks.

Water atomizer is also something absolutely necessary for the balcony planting

This will make it easier to water the flowers and treat them against various diseases. Furthermore, a bit of aluminum foil could be very useful in the balcony planting. This covers the seeds in the soil and protects them from various external influences.

The seeds

Now we come to bring the seeds into the earth. Read exactly the instructions on the packaging. You need to check carefully whether the selected seeds need sun to grow or not. After sowing, you should water the soil and seeds again.

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