Cut roses: rose pruning in spring and autumn

Cutting roses is intimidating for many gardeners, but actually very useful for the plants. It takes time and practical skill to completely cut back the roses, but do not forget that it is almost impossible to damage a rose bush by incorrect trimming. All gardeners and experts agree that one should Rose pruning then do it when the roses grow wild and rampant.

Why should the roses to cut

  • to reach a full growth
  • Remove the withered flowers and dead branches
  • improve the ventilation
  • shape the rose bush

Tools that one needed

  • Pruning shears
  • long-handled pruning shears
  • gloves

Roses cut in spring and autumn

roses to cut: basic knowledge

  • Use clean and sharp tools
  • Consider the whole plant by and large, but start pruning from the bottom
  • Prune the bush so that you open the center of the plant for sunlight and recirculation
  • The cuts should be at a 45-degree angle
  • Make sure it’s clean, not neglected and feral
  • Remove the cracked, dead branches (all branches that look dry, black or shrunken cut until the inside of the stick turns white)
  • Remove any weak or dry branches that are thinner than a pencil
  • Remove the remaining foliage

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