How the moon affects gardening?

Since time immemorial it is well known to people that the moon has a strong influence on the earth. This is very clearly to observe the tides of the sea. For ignorance or other reasons, magical, even mystical qualities have often been attributed to the little planet. But for millions of people worldwide, it is very clear today, the moon strongly influences our feelings and emotions, our thoughts and actions. Therefore, it is always useful to know his power or at least to explore it. If you want to live in the rhythm of nature, you must always be well informed about the phases of the moon and do your work accordingly.

For centuries, gardening has been adapted to the moon phases

Immediately after sunset, the moon rises and presents us with its soft silver glow. The small, natural Earth satellite changes in the night sky, cyclically increasing and decreasing and sometimes creating turbulence. The full moon shows its power once every four weeks on the earth. You can feel it and even see it. It is even assumed that life on earth is constantly strongly influenced by the moon.

There are also gardeners who organize and do all their gardening according to the lunar calendar. The question is, is that the better way to make a richer harvest? Here are a few well-proven tips for gardening so that you can take advantage of the influence of the moon. Read this through and only then you can decide for yourself whether the gardening according to the lunar calendar is for you or you consider this rather than nonsense.

Nature-related gardening or how the moon helps us?

To date, there is not enough scientific evidence that the moon affects plant growth. Nevertheless, it is clear that hundreds of years ago people discovered the moon energy and used it in gardening. In the cycle of an average of 27 days, 7 hours and 47 minutes, the moon orbits the earth and, depending on its position to the sun, it distinguishes four phases of the moon – new moon, waxing moon, full moon and decreasing moon. Each phase has its specifics and has a different effect on the whole plant world. Therefore, certain differences in the garden work in the individual phases of the moon come.

Lean back and watch the moon!

1) New moon starts when a narrow sickle is barely visible in the night sky. The small planet is exactly between the sun and the earth. This phase of the moon is in principle associated with a new beginning. Everything that starts with new moon has very good chances to succeed. Experienced hobby gardeners say this is the best seed time. So, get the seeds and take care of your garden tools. This is also a rest period during which you can plan your work outside.

2) First quarter is still called the phase of the ascending or waxing moon. In this short period of time, the sickle gets a bit bigger, it “grows”. Who has sown at new moon, can now see the first germs come from the earth. The growth above the earth increases. This phase of the moon is still called “inhaling the earth”, there is an increasing energy all over the world. You can tell by the plants that grow fast and strong.

3) Full moon is the strongest phase of the moon, because when the moon is fully formed, it also emits extra energy. Irritability, bad mood and unpredictable behavior are typical reactions of the people in this phase. Admittedly, the full moon is a bit negative for humans, but the plants are now in an excellent time. Everything is in juice and power, you have to water and fertilize well, because the growth is intense.

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