Safety in gardening – this is to be considered

To work in your own garden in the evening after work, to spend the weekends in the fresh air and transform the property into a small oasis – how many people dream of this or have already realized this dream? Without question, working in the garden can be very relaxing or help to eliminate the everyday frustration of grass clippings and weeds on the compost. Nevertheless, they are many gardening with risks connected. It can always happen minor injuries and who works with large scissors or saws, is well advised to pay attention to all four limbs. This article deals with the possibilities to stay healthy with all the fun.

Gloves – safety in many activities

Sometimes it’s the little things that protect. In this case, they protect the fingers and hands and thus really important body parts. Gloves are just as much a part of gardening as they do, of course, depending on their nature, they perform several tasks:

  • cleanliness – Anyone who has ever planted flowers knows how stubborn earth can be. It practically sticks to the fingers, pushes itself under the nails and can be removed sometimes even with a lot of brushing and washing barely. Gardening gloves protect the fingers from the dirt and at the same time help build up calluses or make your hands look neglected.
  • cuts – stronger gloves protect hands from minor cuts, splinters and cracks. These can occur practically every time you work. Anyone who pruned bushes or worked with sharp grasses knows how to protect their hands.
  • injury – Proper garden gloves made of leather and solid fabric have already avoided some major injury. The tighter the material, the less likely it is that something will penetrate through the gloves.

It makes sense to have different gloves. Particularly firm gardening gloves are not always suitable for work where tact is required, thin gloves offer little protection against thorns or blisters due to hard gardening.

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