10 ideas for garden design for beginners

They have a green space, but do not have enough room for care? You can do a lot of good in a short period, with little knowledge and money.

Today we will tell you the story of a special gardener. She started her ranch more than 17 years ago.

She bought the property, which was located on the corner of a block within which the rest of the houses looked east or west.

She herself had a front yard and two side courtyards. The boundaries between the different plots were marked by 3 meter high grass.

On both sides there was no garden when shopping, only high grass.

There were only trees on the eastern side of the garage. There were only a few bushes and a bit of ground vegetation.

Half of the garden was very thick and lush. The rest was rough and dirty than anything else. The reason for this was the shadow, which was much on it.

The brunt of the garden landscape much on the front area. Does that sound terrible? There were 14 bushes on either side of the front door and also a mish-mash of jumbled plants.

Actually, the owner had no special ambitions in the direction of garden maintenance. But she felt challenged by the circumstances. In her own words, she had felt the need for care in every inch.

She could not hire another person due to the small budget and presence of a baby.

Paul, whose husband had no interest whatsoever, was only concerned with mowing. On the other hand, the owner wanted to create a modern Adam and Eve garden. Their initial lack of competence did not deter them.

She had been guided by visions, but she had no concrete plan. She put a lot of effort and passion into the work and understood the things during the work process. Today you can see the pictures from her garden in this article!

If you are now in the initial situation from the description above, you should take some correct advice:

1. Clean up

Yes, many people do not feel like it. But that’s the most important thing in garden maintenance. Start with the grass, even if that is really tedious. Mow it and give it a fool. So you will not have any straw in the garden in the fall.

If you would look in the picture exactly, you would notice the barren lawns. Apart from the trees, there are hardly any plants. But it looks nice and the stay there is just like that.

2. Free all garden beds from the weeds

Are you not sure if you can distinguish the weeds and the other plants? Take a few pictures and show them to your plant dealer!

3. Cut off your garden beds

That’s nothing complicated! It’s just about creating a clear separation between the plant beds and the grass area. Take an edged shovel and do it!

Now you can use all your creativity in determining the lines. Of course, with a thick grass you need a lot more effort. That’s why you should probably leave the extension of the existing beds for the second season at the earliest.

You can use materials for the border, but that is certainly a matter of taste. About the black plastic really does not look so great. A separating straw cover between the grass and the earth usually looks much more appealing.

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