Great design plants: succulent garden

Great design plants: succulent garden

Every succulent plant is unique – Aeonium has colorful leaves, the Agave with its size and grandeur, the house shrimp are hardy.

With ancestry from Mexico and the South of America, the echeveria thrive well in mild conditions. Because of their color, greyish blue leaves and perennial flowers, they are the most popular succulent plant.

Many gardeners may have problems with sensitivity to cold, but the plant can also grow in flower pots from fall to spring.

Botanical name: Echeveria spp
Common names: Echeveria
Location: Winter hardy to 0 degrees
Water needs: moderate

Light requirements: full sunshine, but still needs protection from the strongest sunshine

Growth height: depending on the species
Resistance: dry tolerant;
Main growing season: evergreen; blooms in the summer
Growing season: plant cuts or offshoots from spring to fall; let the stems harden

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