DIY plant pots from old objects

Great alternatives to plant pots

The spring season has already begun. Now is the time to cultivate plants and garden flowers. The plants that have overwintered at home must be brought slowly outside. But before this happens, some plants and flowers should be repotted. You can always buy new plant pots, but why not make them yourself? Much more interesting and eyacatching would be because the homemade plant pots of old dishes or other, no longer usable items. You can master this in no time. For your help and suggestions, we have some ideas and tips on how you can make great plant pots yourself. Have fun reading!

In every house there are many unnecessary items that are simply no longer used and that only collect dust. In the kitchen you will find mostly unused, for example burned pots, rusted sieves and individual ceramic cups. Instead of disposing of them or simply leaving them in the basement, give them a new chance by turning them into plant pots.

A wonderful upcycling idea

Why should you choose to turn old dishes into plant pots?

  • By upcycling the old objects and giving them a new life, you protect the environment.
  • The old crockery looks very artful and will give your garden and balcony a fresh look.
  • They bring a unique charm with them and ensure a characterful garden appearance.
  • The combination of such different sized, large and small plant pots will make the garden or balcony a bit more playful and make for great accents.

You can also use other old items in your garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. In our pictures below we show you some unique ideas for it.

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