Mini pond: advantages and tips for making your own

The hot summer days are already here. Many owners of a balcony or garden wish there more freshness. It is somehow too late and too hot for elaborate DIY projects. Or not? Something you can do is create a mini pond. This is a relatively small project. The effect and the benefits are essential. Here you will learn more about it. At the same time we share with you some important tips for making your own!

The structure of a mini pond

Rummaging the Internet for the topic of mini-pond, discover an incredible number of tutorials. Each new manual is easier than the others. For use could come all sorts of vessels, including those from the household. The usual and perhaps most appealing variant is concrete or stone.

In all cases, the vessel is sealed from the inside with a pond liner. The floor is covered with gravel from. Then you need some plants that do not need too much water depth. And that’s almost done.

Apart from the concrete vessels, you have many more options. Here are some often chosen: wine or whiskey barrels, tree trunks, mortar tubs and so on. These can be found in the right size. In addition, they look appealing in the garden design.

Finally, do not reject the possibility to get a mini-eich system out of the market. This will save you the manual work and can be on the Process of planting focus!

Another important tip: regardless of whether you use tap or well water, it must be decalcified. Otherwise, algae will develop much too quickly.

They need little space

The water basins, small or large, create a zen mood in every garden. But we usually need a lot of space for that. Not with the mini pond. Its compact size and easy care are two more advantages. So you do not need much space to install the pond. It does not have to be particularly deep either. Between 20 and 40 cm. rich.

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