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SAP CRM Online Training Hyderabad India: is a trusted name for providing various Online training courses to the students that want to gain or enhance their knowledge of the subject. SAP CRM is one of such courses that are related to customer relation management. We aim to provide a detailed knowledge of the scope of SAP CRM since we know the practical knowledge of the subject is really essential to make a great career success.

At, all the material of the course is prepared by the experts who have worked as experts for years. All of the main areas of the subject are full covered with a lot of practical situations and examples. We are sure, after this online training course, the students would not need any further knowledge of SAP CRM.

  What is SAP CRM:

SAP CRM deals with an effective and efficient management of customers. In the recent business world, all the activities related to the customers are very important to the organizations. SAP Customer Relationship Management is indeed a customer relationship management module by SAP that is helpful for the organization in performing all the customer relations activities with optimal efficiency.

CRM aims to design the customer relationship activities in such a way that is easy for the customers to build the relationship for a long time. As the sub-modules of the CRM, some of the main functions of the targeted functions of the organizations are Sales, services, analytics, web channel etc.

  Overview of SAP CRM Online Training Course:

There are a lot of SAP CRM online training classes but provides unique, high-class and in-depth knowledge of SAP CRM online training in Hyderabad.

With real-time case studies, we provide extremely qualified trainers who are familiar with all the theatrical and practical modules of the SAP CRM online training. Each topic of the course is covered completely with real case studies and examples that are helpful for the students to get the practical knowledge of the subject.

The learning style for the students is enjoyable with a lot of examples, projects, exercises, assignments, and quizzes.All the students enrolled in the course can have flexible timings with constant technical support.

The SAP CRM online training course designed by us is able to meet all the demands of a certification course and the students don’t need any further training or course.

  What will learn in SAP CRM online course?

  • In-depth knowledge of the fundamentals
  • Complete overview of SAP CRM
  • Features of SAP CRM
  • The student would know about the SAP CRM sales cycle
  • SAP CRM Marketing management
  • How to process business transactions
  • Pricing and billing in SAP CRM
  • All about SAP CRM sales, service, and marketing

Prerequisites for SAP CRM Training:

  • Knowledge of object-oriented and mobile development concepts
  • Fundamentals of JAVA programming
  • Fundamentals of SQL programming

  Career Options:

  • Our SAP CRM online training course equips you with all the requirements that you need to apply for all the job opportunities in the field of SAP.
  • Some of the opportunities available in the field of SAP CRM are SAP consultant, SAP administrator, SAP technical consultant, Application engineer etc.
  • Our SAP CRM online training course makes you a professional with real expertise. Therefore, you must not feel any hesitation whenever you apply for a job.

Course Features

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  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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  • Assessments Self
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